About Me

Why are you reading this when there are things fictional out there?

I love reading books and have as long as I can remember.  As proof I would like to offer up a small story from my childhood.  Well not so much a story as a few bullet points.  In school the only class I was even close to failing was reading, the teacher must have been confused.  Reading became a large part of my life as a teenager.  I became hooked on several of the classics and even a huge fan of R.L. Stine.  It was the latter that got me in trouble.  My mother would repeatedly find me awake all hours of the night reading every last page.

Oh the horror, my daughter was caught reading.  How could this happen to me, I have done my best to bring her up with morals and a sense of direction and this is what I am to expect.

My mother grounded me from reading, yep I said it.  She wanted me to get out and have a life.

Please go and get some friends, she begged.

My reply was simply, I have all the friends I need right here between these covers.  They demand little more than my rapt attention.  I don't have to guess their motives or deal the the drama, at least not relating to myself.  Come on you all know what I am talking about, girls can be vicious.

The grounding did have results which separated my life, however temporarily, from the book world.  With the advent of my child's birth I began to read hardcore again.  Shall we say, I was throwing myself a goodbye to my freedom and youth party.  Sadly, according to my better half, I never let go this time and am still reading until my eyes hurt on a regular basis.  You know it is one of those things they say, don't try and purge something from your life or it might come back with a vengeance.  Lucky for me, this one tastes so sweet.  Plus, lets look at it this way, if some of you poor souls follow my blog or something then I can say I have friends, right?  I will tell my mother the good news, I can have my cake and eat it too.  Yippee!

I am most definitely an escapist, there it is out in the open, no going back.  Therefore, I prefer to read books that help me to escape the harsh reality I live in, namely I seek the nefarious happily ever after.  I absolutely adore the whole process of falling in love but like to leave it there and not bother with the details.

The more I read the more I feel I am getting rather desensitized.  When I look back on some of the ratings I gave I feel as if in my current state they would not have fared so well.  This I suppose is the hazard of reading much, I am always impressed with those who can stay the same regardless.  I do not trust my heart so easily in books and that sometimes keeps me rather distant from the characters.  At the same time I can sometimes overlook some things that in my more virgin state would have cast a book into the proverbial abyss.

Womble Dean-
Who is this stranger? He is mysterious, sublimely handsome, and absolutely mine. Also, my partner in crime and occasional reviewer and creator of art for the blog. He has a great new idea that we are hoping to bring to life soon. Stay tuned. . .

About My Reviews

I started this blog in an effort to bridge a gap I found in the rating system.  Not all romance books are the equal of Pride and Predjudice and I have no way of knowing for sure until I am knee deep in more details than I want.  I thought it would be nice if instead of just the broad stamp of romance, for example, their was a way to rate just how intense the romance is.  To that end I thought of denoting this things in my reviews but felt that pictures really tell it better in this case.

If you have seen one of my reviews you may have noticed I don't post the short description of the book.  I do give the link to where this information can be found on goodreads.  To explain this absence, I must share a bit more.  When I was young I wanted to pick a book based solely on the cover and the genre of course.  I wanted to be completely surprised page by page as to what would happen in the book.  The descriptions often gave more of the information away and left me unsatisfied.  It wasn't until I read kept stumbling into books that were offensive to my sensibilities that I started to change tactics.  Since then I try really hard to weed out those same books by reading the descriptions and reviews.

Now keep in mind that the reviews I post are based solely on my personal opinion.  As such, any review I give has little to no bearing on how you will enjoy the book.

Now that we are all done with this nonsense get back to reading.