Friday, December 31

The Stolen One

by Suzanne Crowley

A very interesting read, based on truth this fiction tries to fill in the gaps and even provide a happy ending to a tragic tale.  This is one of those stories that follows a mysterious child's death.  Like Anastasia or the young Dauphin of France we like to think those tragedies aren't the end but the cover up for something better.  This book trudges up another similar child tragedy and seeks to fill in the possibilities.  I rather enjoyed the story and felt that it was put together well.  It felt believable and somewhat satisfying.  If you are into light historical reads this is a good one.

Three Stars

Dead Beautiful

by Yvonne Woon

What is the luck to pick three books in a row that really can't be considered to have happy endings.  There were signs that warned me as to how it would end, I guess I just kept hoping for the impossible.  I liked the characters and the world that was created.  It was fun to think of zombies in connection with this book.  The author did such a tremendous job reinventing them that the term doesn't apply.  In the end I don't like the hopeless feeling I was left with.  I try to ease it with the idea that it wasn't all pointless each day of life comes with moments that have lasting importance.  Basically, treasure the moments you have, really live them since you don't know how it will end.  There are no guaranteed happy endings no matter how much we hope for it.

Three Stars

Thursday, December 30

The Poison Diaries

by Maryrose Wood

This is yet another book that falls short of what I like to read.  This one I felt had some real promise.  I was completely involved in the story.  Some of the things that happened in this book had me shuddering and hoping that everything would work out fine.  The ending was a complete let down for me.  I didn't know when I picked this book up that it wasn't a stand alone novel.  Now that I know they intend more I suppose the ending might not be so bad, depending on how the next book turns out.  Admittedly, I don't think I will be picking up the next book unless I hear some supreme reviews.  If you love extremely evil cliff hangers try this one out.

One Star

Wednesday, December 29


by Swati Avasthi

As my first book post this seems to go against the grain a bit.  It is a very realistic book and doesn't come with a happily ever after.  Basically, it doesn't meet any of my usual standards of greatness.  That is just what it was though, great.  I could really identify with the main character and the life he had no choice but to live.  As children we are entrusted to the care of those who often don't treat that role with the respect it needs.  Children in those situations can't help but be branded and very often the perpetrators of the same acts.  I loved that this book was so real and helped us to go through the mind of someone trying to become anything but what they have been trained.  It was so affecting to watch as the character tried to hold onto anything that would keep him out of danger.  The ending while sad in many ways, left me feeling hopeful, not only for the characters but myself as well.

Sweet Giveaways

I love giveways, even if I next to never win.  It is my dream to someday host some of my own giveaways.  Give me some time and I will get around to that.  I think giveaways are a great way to find new friends and great stuff.  I recently got a kobo for Christmas which suits my needs just fine.  I read most of my books from the library, including e-books.  The whole library thing is the main reason I didn't get a Kindle.  I still want one since I think they are pretty sweet, well here is to hoping.  Kindle giveaway hosted at What I'm Living.

Excuses to Read

Since my obsession with books is of long standing I think I should just give in and challenge myself a bit.  So I have joined Out With a Bang Read-A-Thon in an attempt to excuse away a bit of my excessive reading.  To be truthful I already planned to read, but hey why not get credit for it or something.  There are books I wish I were reading, sigh, and then the realm of actual possibility.  This second is sadly what I get to pick from so lets hope for some great reads to tease away the hours.