Saturday, March 26

Populazzi: Book Review

by Elise Allen

Publication Date: August 1st

Why this book?
I wouldn't have picked this book if it were a debut author.

First Chapter: Very juvenile.
Prediction based upon first chapter: (2)

Main Players: Cara Leonard, Claudia, and Archer Jain
Early Impressions: After the first chapter I am seriously thinking this will hard to get through.

The best thing this book has going for it is the message that you will be happiest where you naturally fit in.  Those upper levels are not what they seem to be.  I must admit that with the introduction of Archer the story really starts to get interesting.  My favorite part is really the horror movie fiasco.  How awesome is that?  So anyway there were times that this book dragged and you really had to wonder what Cara is thinking.  What made this such a great idea?  The mixed signals in this book are quiet baffling and are often what pulls you through the dull moments.  The ending was a bit odd but pretty satisfying.  I guess I was hoping for a bit more drama or something.

Drawbacks to this book are seriously a lack of self respect.  Why in the world would you value yourself not at all?  Cara really does some inappropriate stuff in her search for popularity.  I understand that way of thinking and it rings true to the pressures of that age.  Here, is to hoping that more of the future generations will have more respect for themselves and not sell out for empty promises.

As for recommendations, well if you like these sort of books jump right in.  Otherwise, pass this one by in favor of your preferred niche in the YA world.

Thursday, March 24

Book Blogger Hop: 3/25

Book Blogger Hop

"If you could physically put yourself into a book or series…which one would it be and why?"

Doesn't that question break the rules of separation of reality and fiction?  I am always telling my husband he has nothing to be jealous of, when it comes to the books I read.  They aren't real.  I don't go fantasizing about myself with any of these characters.  

Plus, every time I am reading I book I feel like I am living in it.  Maybe, I just have an overactive imagination.  So, sadly I couldn't pick just one since I haven't yet found just one book that can always satisfy my reading craving.

The next book I am hoping will be an all out great experience is Shadowspell by Jenna Black.

Red Glove: Book Review

by Holly Black

Publication Date: April 5th

Why this book?
You want the truth, and nothing but the truth? Cassel.

Main Players:Cassel Sharpe, Lila Zacharov, Sam Yu, and Daneca Wasserman

Oh man, what a doozy.  This was definitely one of those books where you feel you have run a marathon but really you are standing in about the same place.  Basically, Cassel goes through quite the work up through this book.  He manages to keep himself from ending up six feet underground.  Other than that his life is just a wreak at the end.  
I love how confusing my feelings are for Cassel.  I can't help but agree with his Grandfather that he is a good guy even though all the evidence refutes that.  After this book, I feel he has really picked a cliff from which I will gladly hope he can extricate himself.  Maybe, a small line in the book that sounds a bit prophetic will in the end come true.

If you liked the first book you had best run out and pick up the second.  It was a joyride you won't want to miss.

Tuesday, March 22

Waiting on Wednesday: Wolfsbane

by Andrea Cremer

Publication Date: July 26th

From Goodreads

This thrilling sequel to the much-talked-about Nightshade begins just where it ended. Calla Tor wakes up in the lair of the Searchers, her sworn enemy, and she's certain her days are numbered.

But then the Searchers make her an offer,one that gives her the chance to destroy her former masters and save the pack and the man she left behind. Is Ren worth the price of her freedom? And will Shay stand by her side no matter what? Now in control of her own destiny, Calla must decide which battles are worth fighting and how many trials true love can endure and still survive.

I really was reluctant to read the first book.  Something about the cover gave me the completely wrong idea as to the contents of the book.  After a stellar review by a friend I picked it up and was hooked.  I can't wait to see where this will go next.

Kat, Incorrigible: Book Review

by Stephanie Burgis

Publication Date: April 5th

Main Players: Katherine Stephenson
Place: England

I really liked this book.  The whole setting for this book was a winner.  It was interesting to view society through the eyes of this particular twelve year old.  She has such spunk and absolute determination.  You can't help but love following along in her adventures and seeing just what fix she will be in next.  This was definitely a good read.  My absolute favorite part was just as the book closes she wraps up all her adventures in one small summary.  The way she put it was enchanting.  I am sure he future adventures will be a delight to read as well.

Thursday, March 10

The Kings of Clonmel: Book Review

by John Flanagan

If you have not heard of the Ranger's Apprentice series you are missing out.  I have long been addicted to the characters in this book.  They are just chock full of personality that you can't help but love each and every one.  Well, I guess you can't really love the bad guys.  In that case, they have so much going for them that you can't help but loath them all the way to the depths of the earth.  I love that no matter how many books I have read John Flanagan still comes up with a completely awesome read.  Another note in favor of this series, you must listen to the audio version for at least one book.  The narrator is so awesome and just has a way of becoming so many different people and imbuing them each with just a bit more through his special art.  Alright, enough of that more specifically let us talk about this book.

Moment Divine: "You won't be King when I'm finished with you. People do not break agreements with me. I'll destroy your Sunrise Warrior and then I'll have you dragged from the throne, screaming like a frightened girl."

"Brave talk, Tennyson, especially from a man who will be doing none of the fighting. And, I assume, none of the dragging. Now, let me tell you something: Scum like you don't make agreements with kings. You do their bidding. And you don't make threats to them, either. I'll ruin your plan, and I'll destroy your filthy cult as well. And then I'll take a horsewhip to your fat, quivering hide and drive you out of this country. And unlike you, my friend, I will do it personally!"
Once again the characters never cease to amaze me in their sheer awesomeness.  I love the interactions between the main trio in this book.  Plus, there are some sweet treasures between Halt and his adversaries that should be savored. Overall the story is just a bunch of great cunning moments and action.  Somehow they have pulled it off again and yet will ride into the sunset or off to another adventure.

Monday, March 7

My Soul to Steal: Book Review

by Rachel Vincent

Why this book?
I am so already addicted to the series.

Main Players: Kaylee, Nash, and Sabine
This book wasn't quite what I was hoping for.  It was more of a glorious side step from one huge portion of the focus.  I hope that the next book goes in a very particular direction or I will have some serious problems with a certain message it seems to be hinting at.  Other than that particular part, I thought it was a great read.  I had a hard time putting this one down.  The rivalry is fun to watch progress and I wonder how it will work out in the end.  If you are following the series I might recommend waiting before picking this one up. 

Saturday, March 5

In the Arms of Stone Angels: Book Review

by Jordan Dane

Publication Date: April 1st

Why did I pick this book?
I just fell in love with the cover and the synopsis was a tasty tidbit.

First Chapter:What a way to start things off.
Prediction based upon first chapter: (3)

Main Players: Brenna Nash and White Bird (Issac Henry)
Place: Shawano, Oklahoma

Moment Divine: "And I grew on people, like a wart."

This book covers some scary stuff.  For instance, how bullies seem to fly under the radar and get away with terrorizing others.  The particular things these bullies get away with is pretty intense.  My favorite character was the good guy in town Will Tate.  He makes a great push for straight shooting and justice.  The romance moments in this story are sweet and very sideline.

My favorite part of this book is the inner dialog of Brenna.  She thinks the funniest things which really helps to alleviate some tension when times are really intense.  I believe it was this that set her up to be someone I could believe in as a hero.

All in all, this book was an interesting journey for many of the characters.  I enjoyed taking the ride and had a hard time putting it down when things heated up in the middle.

Thursday, March 3

A World Without Heroes: Book Review

by Brandon Mull

Publication Date: March 15th

Why did I pick this book?
My husband is a huge fan and so far we have read just about every book by Brandon Mull.  I just had to see what this new series was made of.

First Chapter:  Well, that was really unexpected.
Prediction based upon first chapter: (3)

Main Players: Jason Walker, Rachel, and a merry list of characters
Place: Lyrian

Early Impressions: Willy Wonka meets Harry Potter or something.

Wow, this book was all over the place.  One moment it feels somewhat real and then next fingers are roaming of their own free will.  This book is really the sort of place anything could happen.  There aren't very many predictable moments in this book.  The dialog between characters is rather funny at points and, I feel, helps to make the characters a bit more endearing.  I can't say too much without giving away all the fun surprises in this book.  Do you best to not read spoilers on this book as it will seriously hamper your enjoyment of the book. At times this book does get pretty gruesome and cruel but overall it was a delightful ride. Yet, another good series out by Brandon Mull.

Spoiler Section:
I loved that he chose to let the super villain be destroyed by a single nonsense word.  It felt so lame.  I was glad when the end came that it was completely untrue.  It also really added depth to the villain and his cunning.  Talk about dispiriting to find out your entire cause was a ruse.