Thursday, March 3

A World Without Heroes: Book Review

by Brandon Mull

Publication Date: March 15th

Why did I pick this book?
My husband is a huge fan and so far we have read just about every book by Brandon Mull.  I just had to see what this new series was made of.

First Chapter:  Well, that was really unexpected.
Prediction based upon first chapter: (3)

Main Players: Jason Walker, Rachel, and a merry list of characters
Place: Lyrian

Early Impressions: Willy Wonka meets Harry Potter or something.

Wow, this book was all over the place.  One moment it feels somewhat real and then next fingers are roaming of their own free will.  This book is really the sort of place anything could happen.  There aren't very many predictable moments in this book.  The dialog between characters is rather funny at points and, I feel, helps to make the characters a bit more endearing.  I can't say too much without giving away all the fun surprises in this book.  Do you best to not read spoilers on this book as it will seriously hamper your enjoyment of the book. At times this book does get pretty gruesome and cruel but overall it was a delightful ride. Yet, another good series out by Brandon Mull.

Spoiler Section:
I loved that he chose to let the super villain be destroyed by a single nonsense word.  It felt so lame.  I was glad when the end came that it was completely untrue.  It also really added depth to the villain and his cunning.  Talk about dispiriting to find out your entire cause was a ruse.