Thursday, October 27

Nightspell: Book Review

by Leah Cypess

This was more of a two and a half stars read.
The ending was such a disappointing waste of time.  I feel as if the whole book was rather a waste.  Why bother going through all of that anyway?  They didn't accomplish anything.  Replacing one evil with another and leaving things in such a tangled way is just sad.  I guess I really just don't buy the whole argument that they exist and aren't really dead.  That existence shouldn't just be taken from them.  Yeah, dead is dead.  And sorry but the author took such pains to show us that in fact none of the ghost are happy.  They want to be rid of the existence but have no way out.  So why the ending is supposed to be satisfying is beyond me.  What a messed up conclusion.
On top of that they whole dead thing makes it really hard for me to develop any feelings for them.  Perhaps it was my own prejudice, but I suspect it had more to do with the way the whole thing is setup.  I am sure I have read books in the past where I was able to connect to a dead person and long for them to be living again.  This was certainly not the case.  Who cares they are all shallow wispy insubstantial beings I could care less about.  Pathetic.

Tuesday, October 25

Flipped: Book Review

by Wendelin Van Draanen

I picked this book up at the library mostly based upon the comments about how great a quick read it was.  It sounded like a delightful little trip.
For the most part it was just that.  The biggest thing about this book that bothered me was the intense depth of feelings these children were experiencing.  I remember at that age thinking things were all cut and dry like that with each crush but somehow seeing it written out just feels off.  Looking back I realize that the feelings weren't so deep as I thought.  So it was a bit of a shock to find this second grader holding onto really intense feelings for something like six years.  If I put this aside I rather liked the book.  It gave me to think about how we judge people in live often wrongly and then have to live with those judgements.  There really are two sides to people these days.  I feel that the public face has become a great menace to society.  How else do you think so much perversion and horror can hide so well.  They wear a face to the world that makes them seem harmless and perfect.  We probably even want desperately to be these people.  But if only we knew what lay beneath the surface I am sure we would change our opinions quickly.  I also liked how they get to flip sides in this game.  You can never really understand someone or what they have been through until life has brought you through the ringer as well.
So, it was a light and good quick read.

Thursday, October 20

Demonglass: Book Review

by Rachel Hawkins

I read this book more for its pretty cover and lack of other real reading options.  The first book left me less than impressed.  This one didn't really change that opinion.  I rather dislike Archer so it wouldn't bother me if he just up and disappeared from the picture.  Even his back story didn't help to soften my opinion of him.  He is just too full of himself.  The best thing about this book was the reveal at the end that showed there is more depth to this storyline than at first seemed apparent.  Though, they now find themselves in quite a tangle from which it will be interesting to see them escape.  I have some fears regarding Cal.  He is my favorite character and I think some bad things will be coming his way.  Why couldn't it be Archer instead?

Wednesday, October 19

Waiting on Wednesday: Tiger's Voyage

Hosted by Breaking the Spine.

Tiger's Voyage
by Colleen Houck
Publication Date: November 1st

From Goodreads

The third book in the gripping Tiger's Curse series!
With the head-to-head battle against the villainous Lokesh behind her, Kelsey confronts a new heartbreak: in the wake of his traumatic experience, her beloved Ren no longer remembers who she is. As the trio continues their quest by challenging five cunning and duplicitous dragons, Ren and Kishan once more vie for her affections--leaving Kelsey more confused than ever.
Fraught with danger, filled with magic, and packed with romance, TIger's Voyage brings Kelsey and her two tiger princes one step closer to breaking the curse.
This fast-paced novel includes a sneak peek at Tiger's Destiny (Book 4) and a smartphone Tag code on the back cover that links to the series website.
I am so addicted to this series.  It doesn't matter if there are moments when I absolutely hate the author or one of the characters.  Those moments never seem to last.  Here I am almost impatiently waiting to read the next installment.

Tuesday, October 18

Teaser Tuesday: So Silver Bright

Hosted by Should be Reading

"I have sand in my ears!" Moth wailed, shaking like a dog.
"And mouth," Cobweb said, spitting far more than necessary.
"I have it somewhere worse," Mustardseed hinted darkly.
Pg. 150, "So Silver Bright" by Lisa Mantchev

I love the characters in this book.  They are just such a riot.  It was so lucky that this is the first thing my eyes alighted upon after opening the book.  Could this show the truth of the characters awesomeness much better?

Virtuosity: Book Review

by Jessica Martinez

Publication Date: October 18th

I love this cover, so very eye catching.  The inside of this book wasn't as great.  I did enjoy watching the main character grow into her own person.  But by the end of the book I felt she still had a ways to go.  Although, considering there is no real point at which you can say your journey into wisdom and adulthood is complete this only served to make the book more realistic.  I like to think that the choices she had to face were great examples for us.  She had to face honesty not only for herself but those around her that held sway over her future.  There came a time when she had to decide who she was and what she wanted to be.  What sort of things in her life were important and what should be set aside.  The competition between the two violinists was fascinating to watch.  I like the decision they both reached about life and its experiences being to valuable to waste in hatred.  Not that they didn't have their moments of backslide, but it was nice to watch them treasure their moments.

Top Ten Tuesday: To Judge or Not to Judge

Here are the ten most recent books I have read solely by their covers. There have been some better looking covers in between these but I had also been swayed by other bloggers and the book blurbs. So not necessarily in any real order other than from most recently read. Some of these were real let downs or complete brain cell fryers. But there were a couple of good ones.
So it isn't always safe to judge a book by its cover alone. I guess that is why they also put those blurbs in there. Well, who wanted to be truly surprised anyway.

Friday, October 14

100 Reviews: Contest and Giveaway

So I have reached 100 reviews on my blog, which I find a big deal.  For those of you who have been paying attention I have lately been taking polls about giveaways.  I was going to do something rather elaborate but I am rather energy drained and needing some rejuvenation.
Yep, I am finally giving this one away.  So what do you have to do?  Wa, ha, ha.  Well, lets see. . .


Must be a follower
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This contest is comment related.  Lets just say I need some uplifting and or laughs.  So here are your question options (you must answer one and then fill out the form with your email):

Can you recommend a book I haven't read that is so fabulously amazing that I wouldn't notice being in labor, its that good?  (How do I know it might actually be possible)

Or . . .

A really funny dumb (yet not disgusting or crude) moment you have recently had.  (For example: my dear spouse lately asked a very pregnant woman if her nose had always been bulbous or if it had just developed while being pregnant.  He had this idea that your nose becoming bulbous during pregnancy is a sign your baby will be a boy.) (Doesn't have to be pregnancy related could just be a funny joke.)

Or . . .

Halloween being my favorite you can share a fun tradition.

All comments get one point but if you actually succeed in a great recommendation or making me laugh you get extra points.  So if you comment on both questions that is two points.  The amount of extra points will depend on the awesomeness of the comment.

Please don't leave your email in the comment.  I should be able to connect the dots between the email form and your comment without any problems.  This should protect your emails.

Please, feel free to spread the word about the contest.  It will be ending at my discretion but most likely the end of October.  I will email the winner who has 48 hours to contact me with their address information.

Don't forget to comment!

Thursday, October 13

Warped: Book Review

by Maurissa Guibord

This was an interesting story involving The Fates.  Throughout the whole book I felt strongly held and pulled along with the story.  It was something to see how these two would interact.  They had real problems deciding what to think of the other and how to act around the other.  Some of the grudge Will held seemed a bit much but I guess considering how long he suffered it isn't too far fetched.  You have got to shift your blame somewhere and why not to the parties the least able to defend themselves.  The evil in this story was also a typical version you would expect to see.  At first thinking I am the victim and just trying to protect myself but in the process becoming the perpetrator and doing the same as has been done to myself.  I suppose it is easier to put our own worth above those of others so when we are in need there is no harm in crushing others to get what we need.  The close of the book was a bit odd but somehow not too unsatisfying.
All in all, this was a very fun read with a different twist involving weaving.  I would recommend this for a great fun light read.

Tuesday, October 11

Star Crossed: Book Review

by Elizabeth C. Bunce

This book is really packed with action.  From the very start we are thrown into a very dangerous situation that makes little sense.  Of course, with the passage of time we learn more about how that moment came about and it becomes clear.  Our main character is a very likeable girl who finds herself in all sorts of nasty situations.  I do love that she always manages to find great people to help her out and believe good things about her.  Later in the book when the big unveil happens over her brother it was not life changing so much as everything made more sense.  The only thing I wish had been in the book is a bit of romance.  But perhaps, it isn't too late to hope.  Maybe the next book will contain that element.  All in all, it was a great read and hard to put down.  You really need to read it to understand the constant danger and situations.

Monday, October 10

Quiet on the Blog Front

I should be going into labor any day now and might not be getting as much reading or blogging done until I have adjusted to the new little tyke.  So don't run away while I am out, be patient.  I will return, eventually.  Thanks!

Until then, I hope you enjoy this totally awesome month since Halloween is the best holiday.  There is very little about the celebration I don't like.  I get to dress up and pretend.  There is candy galore.  The children are so cute.  I love the decorations and silly games.  But the reason I like it the most is because I get together with my family for a big Halloween party with such fun food.  There is nothing like spending some time with family.  For those of you who enjoy this holiday as well, do you care to share why or perhaps some great tradition you hold.  I love to hear of traditions since sometimes you can find some real keepers to add to your own repertoire.

Thursday, October 6

Being Nikki: Book Review

by Meg Cabot

The premise of this book is the traditional switching of places. Here, however, the author has taken a rather unconventional approach to that switch. What if it wasn't look alikes switching places but a brain transfer? A medical and scientific switch no magic involved. Would there be conflict between the body and the brain? I have always been led to believe sayings such as 'Mind over matter' and the brain controls it all. Without the brain the rest is useless parts. So as the story continues the character finds herself in control or should we say being controlled by this body and the life it had. I can understand the life of the body being a huge controlling factor. It wouldn't be easy to break with those ties. But at the same time the habits the brain has established would soon make the changes naturally occur. In many ways, I think this is exactly what we see happen. She can't help but respond in a way natural to her thinking and this causes waves that soon become unstopable forces in her life. Unfortunately, I wasn't aware that this was a trilogy and not a duet. So I was a bit thrown off when the book ended and we were left with quite the cliff hanger. Just when it seems like things will work out we meet with some serious opposition. And not just any but some from what we precieved to be a harmless corner. How long before she says enough is enough and stands up for herself? This is something I always wonder, at what point do the threats go too far or become too much? When do you attempt to either call their bluff or say who cares about the consequences. I would rather take them then be controlled anymore. Because, that is what it comes down to, they won't ever let you go. So when do you take back what is yours?

Wednesday, October 5

Waiting on Wednesday: Nightshade

Hosted by Breaking the Spine.

by Maryrose Wood
Publication Date: October25th

From Goodreads

A dark, gothic tale of romance… and murder.
The latest book in the grippingly dark series, The Poison Diaries.

Our heroine, Jessamine, has lost her faith in the men she loved, and her innocence as well. She turns to the dark side and plots to kill her father, using his own poisons, before becoming an assassin, a poisoner for hire. Can she recover from her heartache and reunite with her true love, Weed? Find out in this thrilling story where poisons, darkness and horror are a part of everyday life, and love is the only cure.
Frankly, I really disliked the way the first book ended.  The whole book was just so riddled with sad and misery.  I was hoping for a great ending to add a bit of balance.  Not what happened.  So you ask why would I anticipate the next book.  Well, maybe it is a bit of insanity and perhaps I am hopefully wishing for that happy endings still.  I guess time will tell.

Tuesday, October 4

The Iron Knight: Book Review

by Julie Kagawa
Publication Date: October 25th

Moments Divine: "And you came out just to say hi? That's awfully considerate of you." Puck regained his grin and turned to me.  "Don't you feel special, ice-boy?  We didn't even have to go to the End of the World.  Be polite to the nice hooded man, and maybe you'll get a soul."
"Geez, you guys. I know I'm popular and all, but seriously, you're a bit too co-dependent for me. I'm going to need you to step away from my personal bubble." A wispy vine-woman curled ivy tendrils around his arm, and he sliced through them with his dagger. "No! Bad wraith! No touchie!"
My favorite part of this book was the two questions it poses to Ash.  I feel these are questions that we at some point in life must ask ourselves or wonder about.  The first question is, "what if?"  I have often let my mind wander back and ask what if some small thing had been different and I had gotten a second chance at romance with my last boyfriend.  He was the one who broke it off and then when it was too late came back for another try.  So I have wondered what the future would have turned out like.  Ash had to decide if his love from the past or present was the one he wanted most.  It would shake anyone to have to face that decision.  I really liked his path toward answering this question for himself.  The second question involves mortality.  Is it really all worth it?  Mortality is a heavy burden to bear.  When times seem bleak it is so easy to think it isn't worth it.  We suffer pains and joys side by side.  Looking back would you still do it all again?  Once again, I loved how Ash discovers for himself what he feels about this.  It was also nice to find out more about Ash.  Since he has always been such a quite guy being able to hear his thoughts really gave him more dimension.
Puck was as always a good side relief if things got too heavy.  The extras at the end of the book were delightful.  Don't miss out and make sure you read the author interview and the guide.  These are things you really must know.  
So in closing, Julie Kagawa has once again created a mystical masterpiece.  To see it all this time through Ash's point of view was a delight.  Whatever you do don't miss out on this book and more especially this series.