Tuesday, October 18

Virtuosity: Book Review

by Jessica Martinez

Publication Date: October 18th

I love this cover, so very eye catching.  The inside of this book wasn't as great.  I did enjoy watching the main character grow into her own person.  But by the end of the book I felt she still had a ways to go.  Although, considering there is no real point at which you can say your journey into wisdom and adulthood is complete this only served to make the book more realistic.  I like to think that the choices she had to face were great examples for us.  She had to face honesty not only for herself but those around her that held sway over her future.  There came a time when she had to decide who she was and what she wanted to be.  What sort of things in her life were important and what should be set aside.  The competition between the two violinists was fascinating to watch.  I like the decision they both reached about life and its experiences being to valuable to waste in hatred.  Not that they didn't have their moments of backslide, but it was nice to watch them treasure their moments.