Thursday, October 27

Nightspell: Book Review

by Leah Cypess

This was more of a two and a half stars read.
The ending was such a disappointing waste of time.  I feel as if the whole book was rather a waste.  Why bother going through all of that anyway?  They didn't accomplish anything.  Replacing one evil with another and leaving things in such a tangled way is just sad.  I guess I really just don't buy the whole argument that they exist and aren't really dead.  That existence shouldn't just be taken from them.  Yeah, dead is dead.  And sorry but the author took such pains to show us that in fact none of the ghost are happy.  They want to be rid of the existence but have no way out.  So why the ending is supposed to be satisfying is beyond me.  What a messed up conclusion.
On top of that they whole dead thing makes it really hard for me to develop any feelings for them.  Perhaps it was my own prejudice, but I suspect it had more to do with the way the whole thing is setup.  I am sure I have read books in the past where I was able to connect to a dead person and long for them to be living again.  This was certainly not the case.  Who cares they are all shallow wispy insubstantial beings I could care less about.  Pathetic.