Thursday, February 24

Wither: Book Review

by Lauren DeStefano
Publication Date: March 22nd

(This isn't really a fair rating, read on a see why.)

Why I picked this book?
Everyone was reading it.  I am a sucker for peer-pressure. Okay, and the little snipet about the book sounded interesting.

First Chapter: UGH, that is horrible.
Prediction based upon first chapter: (3)

Main Players: Rhine Ellery, Lindon Ashby, Gabriel, Cecily, and Jenna
Place: Florida

Early Impressions: Oh, my goodness.  This is so horrible. (In a horrifying way not writing or story weakness.)
This book made me sick to my stomach.  I wanted to throw up nearly the whole time I read this.  It made it really hard to pick it up and keep reading.  At the same time, I wanted to know how it ended and make the horrible feeling end.
Needless to say, I finished the story and it was well to hard to put into words.  It was awesome and terrifying.  I felt the horror taint how I thought in the real world.  I looked around me at my child and husband and couldn't but feel the horror I would be under if I lived in this book.

The villain in this book is perfect in every way.  Not once is there any real proof of his cunning and evil yet you can feel it everywhere.  Just in case you haven't caught on Rhine is very good to point out how bad she has it.  This villain is so spectacular that even in the end I didn't really believe what I was reading.  

I had to think what my life would have been like had I only lived so short a life and realized that just about everything of importance in my life has happened after that expiration date.  That was just one more impressive thing about the characters in this book.  Children now barely hold much skill or interest in providing for themselves.  Yet the children in this world show skills and knowledge far beyond their years.  It feels almost as if they are aging like dogs.  For every one year our time they have lived four and maybe that is what takes their physical lives.

I loved that their was to opposing sides in the issue that was plaguing their world.  Pro-naturalism and fix it, and they were really violent about it.  It made this world feel all the more real.

This was a really well written book with very real characters.  For those with really good stomachs and hope to fill the universe this will likely be a good read.

One thing that didn't make sense to me, is why do the males live five years more than the females.  As it stands now, female usually outlive males.  Why would this problem change that?  This might be something that is explained later in the series.

Spoiler Section:
Okay, now what horrified me the most in the book is that these girls are treated as queens and expendable.  It is so two faced and evil it was making me ill.  That doctor is so horrible.  I can only imagine what he has been up to in all those blacked out moments and so many others that it terrifies me.  There are reasons we shouldn't have a blanket statement that gives everyone no matter who a chance to terrify others for life.  I really wish that man were dead.  I really wanted to hate Lindon.  In the end I sure hate him a lot more than Rhine does.  I don't think it is a good enough excuse that his father has coddled him into this position.  How could you really be that blind?  And he just takes advantage of all these girls and doesn't have real kindness in him to want to get to know them.  It just sickens me.

I am sure this book is so well written that it deserves a five star rating.  It was more its power over me that relegates it to a three and a never reading that one again.  I sure wasn't satisfied with the ending.  In fact, I was so certain the villain would capture them and kill Gabriel that I was shocked when I turned the page and their was no more.  It leaves me with hope for some better life.  I definitely agree that no amount of money would make captivity anything but that.  Freedom even if it is wasted is still precious.

Book Blogger Hop: 2/25

Book Blogger Hop

"Do you ever wish you would have named your blog something different?"

At first it didn't occur to me think about my blog name not being perfect.  Since then, I have seen so many great names and even had a few good ones come to mind.

If I were really determined is it really to late?

Anyway, I have never been good with liking any one thing for a long duration of time.  This is probably the biggest reason I never got a tattoo.  I just know I would hate the sight of it in no time.  

And to be frank, how do I know my next idea will really encompass me or what I intend to accomplish.  I guess I best just be happy where I am and make it the best it can be.

Wednesday, February 23

Mid-Week Meet n' Greet: 2/23

This week I brought Charlotte Silver from Hundred Candles.  We brought along some Guiseppe's Pizza to share with you all.  I hear it is a local phenomenon around those parts.

Okay, now we are all fictionally stuffed with tasty pizza lets get down to business.

While you are reading do you do anything embarrassing or that draws attention to yourself?

My biggest habit I have while reading is expressing my emotions freely. 

When I read a particularly funny moment, I laugh out loud.  This always earns me the usual question.  What is so funny?  I must laugh in some terribly intoxicating way since they are dragged against their will to inquire.  I can tell they really want to laugh with me.  Sadly, I can never explain it to them in a way that gives them the satisfaction.  I, generally, tell people now that you would have to read it to understand.  Hey, for all I know the moment really is funny to no one else but me anyway.

I wonder if I blush when reading some kissing scene?  Sometimes I feel my cheeks warm.  More than likely no one would ever notice that.  Plus, what would they say or think in response?

The last thing I am sure I do is sigh at a particularly lovely romantic moment.  Now to clarify, I don't do this during reading very often.  And, no one has ever commented on that to my knowledge.  But sometimes, I just meet that special moment that demands a sigh.

Waiting on Wednesday: The Demon's Surrender

by Sarah Rees Brennan

Publication Date: June 14th

From Goodreads

The Demon's Surrender is the thrilling and suspenseful conclusion to the Demon's Lexicon trilogy.

Guess it might be a bit soon to be looking forward to this one since the teaser tid-bit is still incoming. But it has just been on my mind lately.

The title for this one sure doesn't make me think this will work out how I am hoping. Although, I guess it is all in how you choose to interpret it.  I absolutely love the idea of a Demon learning emotions and valuing people.  What I am most looking forward to is romance between a certain couple.

If you go over to Sarah Rees Brennan's website, you can find a couple of snippets from this upcoming book.

Tuesday, February 22

Top Ten Tuesday: 2/22

Top Ten Book to Movie Adaptations

I thought I would split this into good, bad, and nervously awaiting.

Harry Potter - I loved the books more than the movies but the movies hold their own. (Alternate Universe or something)

Pride and Prejudice - (with Colin Firth) This version is, in my mind, better than the book. I think this since I have no desire to read the book only see the movie.  Even my husband watches this one with me.

The Lightning Thief - Not near as good as the book of course.  I thought the movie wasn't so bad and am excited for the next one.

Eragon - So horrible, very loosely based upon the book and such a flop.  Although the follow up books aren't doing much justice to the storyline, either.

Jane Eyre - I have seen many editions and still haven't met one that can capture the depth in the book.

Twilight and family - I liked the book until the movies started to corrupt their memory.  Too much publicity or messed up characters and it soured the whole deal.

Nervously Awaiting: (They might not be able to do justice to the awesomeness that is the book.)
Mortal Instruments - I just can't see how it is possible to put that series into movie magic.

Demon's Lexicon - This one is a toss up it really could work out better or be a huge disappointment.
Mockingbird - Can they really pull that off and be anywhere near watchable.  My mind did a lot of screen of the violence.

Mockingjay - Can this really be done and be something you can watch.  It was an extremely violent book.

One Hundred Candles: Book Review

by Mara Purnhagen

First Chapter: Weird
Prediction based upon first chapter: (3)

Main Player: Charlotte Silver
Place: Cleveland, Ohio and South Carolina

Moment Divine: ["Irritated is not a mood," he whispered back "It's a state of mind."]
This was a fun read, but no where near great.
That said there were some problems.  The whole story picked up a lot more tension an action this time around.  Sadly these really intense build ups had a weak release, which was very unsatisfying.  The romantic portion of this book was sort of a mess.  I was completely confused by the explanation given as to why things worked out the way they did.  Perhaps, I am getting to used to the angst and lustful books I have read of late.  I felt that Charlotte seemed far to sad over her loss of a relationship for how she always treated her "boyfriend."  She also had no problem moving right on after her heart had been so irreparably damaged.
The action sections were really frightening and intense.  Before long the pages were a bit boring.  The way they worked out their difficulties was vague and weak next to the forces they were up against.  It was hard to sit still and read this book.  I had to force myself through it a bit.  The characters seemed to have lost some of their depth or excitement.

Monday, February 21

Raising the Dead: Book Review

by Mara Purnhagen

Novella for Past Midnight Series

First Chapter: Very interesting ending
Prediction based upon first chapter: (4)

Main Player: Charlotte Silver
Place: South Carolina

Early Impressions: After the first chapter, I am fulling expecting an awesome short story.

Moment Divine: "Although his only other option was to hang out with his mom and her new boyfriend, and I knew he'd rather pour Tabasco in his eyes than watch the two of them swoon over each other."

Well, I am disappointed.  I feel that there was so much potential laid in place early in the story.  So many of the points were just dropped and it was rather weak.  The story went from completely undone to a few close up pages.  It was rather sad and I am not sure how this was essential to the continuing story.  I won't truly know this until I read the next book.

Saturday, February 19

Cryer's Cross: Book Review

by Lisa McMann

Why did I pick this book?
Peer-pressure.  I kept seeing it popping up on blogs and couldn't resist when I saw it at the library.

First Chapter: Mysterious and short
Prediction based upon first chapter: (3)

Main Players: Kendal Fletcher, Nico Cruz, and Jacian Obregon
Place: Cryer's Cross, Montana

Early Impressions:
I am thinking this book seriously reminds my of movies by M. Night Shyalaman.

Moments Divine: "Kendall rolls her eyes and pulls the milk jug from the refrigerator. Its label reads fresh as heck from hector farms."
"Go force your condescending man-logic on the next house."
Wow, that was so disturbing, in a completely awesome way.  I loved every minute of this book.  It was exactly like those movies.  Yet, since it was a book so completely better.  Only read this book if you like to be frightened and chilled by the sheer evil it contains.  I don't think this is the type of evil that can cause nightmares.  With these types of stories the less I say the better.  Hopefully, I haven't said too much already.  If you loved those movies this is definitely the book for you.  It is a delicious dive into a bit of horror.

Spoiler Section:
I love that her OCD saved her from the terrible fate.  Who would have thought anything good can come from such a disorder.  I guess we should all start looking for the good side to all of our misfortunes.  You never know when something you have learned or gone through could save your life.  Lesson learned: Don't fall asleep at your desk in class or it may be more than your grades that suffer!

Past Midnight: Book Review

by Mara Purnhagen

Why did I pick this book?
I received the sequel for review and had to do some research.  You can't start reading in the middle of a series, right?

First Chapter: Average
Prediction based upon first chapter: (3)

Main Player: Charlotte Silver
Place: South Carolina

This was a fun quick little read.  I liked that it was covering "ghosts" from a skeptical perspective.  Somehow, the convincing of a skeptic just seems more exciting.  There was a great family dynamic going in this book.  At least in such a way as to seem dysfunctional.  I liked how that dynamic changed throughout the book.  It was even nice to read a book that was just about completely void of romance.  The storyline provided was catching enough that I almost didn't miss the lack of romance.  Almost, there were a few moments I thought it might be nice.  Overall, I think the author made a good choice not involving romance.  I can see how it would have distracted from what was happening.  Although, I think the next book might hold both the excitement and the romance making for a more enticing read.
As far as horror, this book really didn't hold much.  I can't imagine even a remote possibility of nightmares.  There wasn't a single moment that I could even say I shivered in imaginary fear.  It was just a good read that dabbled a bit in horror.

Spoiler Section:
Avery was a bit of a crack pot.  I was sure expecting something more horrible to come of the cheer leading squad.  Maybe, I am just projecting my own beliefs about cheer leading squads onto this one.  Or perhaps, in this next book things will start to change.  It was nice to see a friendly set of cheerleaders.  Well, almost friendly since they seemed to hold enough power and malice to destroy one kids life.  I am glad that he didn't go and attempt suicide over what he was suffering.  
Another thing, so this secret that James was holding seemed just a bit weak.  At first I was completely baffled as to why it was such a big deal.  I guess I was a bit slow.  Once I grasped why it was so important I was glad that it didn't become a whole other issue and that they were able to get past the death.

Friday, February 18

Angel Burn: Book Review

by L. A. Weatherly

Publication Date: May 24th 2011

Why did I pick this book?
The covers was so stunning I picked it up blindly.

First Chapter: Wow, I love the characters already.  Sign me up for more.
Prediction based upon first chapter: (4)

Main Players: Willow Fields and Alex James Kylar
Place: Colorado, New York, New Mexico, Tennessee, and Oklahoma

Early Impressions:
I am loving this book.  Seriously, this has some major potential.  I can't wait to see how it works out.

Moment Divine: "Stop it - it's not your fault the Church of Angels is full of whack-jobs."

This book was fantastic.  A must read!  The characters really grabbed my attention and emotions right from the start.  I loved how angels were used in this world and thought it was a very compelling idea. This was much easier to accept than many of the other current angel theories.  
There were times during the story that I did find myself stepping out of the room.  I just felt that the author had made her point and was staying stuck in a place far too long.  It started to draw away from the beauty of the moment instead of add to it.  There were also times I felt that there really wasn't enough drive occurring. This could just be a result of some of the recent books I have read that have been jam packed with terror and action.
The emotion in this book was fabulous.  As a romance addict, I was in heaven following the sideline romance as the story progressed.  This is the sort of connection that kept me reading even when I was started to wander a bit.  I also liked how unique the blend in each character was.  They each fit a mold but had something that just pushed them out.  A guy who didn't understand anything about cars and a girl who was all over that.  It was fun to watch their relationship deepen and grow.
I feel as if this book really held potential for a five star rating.  there just seemed to be some small moments or gaps in the story where my mind detached.  Even so this is definitely a book I would recommend people try out.

Spoiler Section:
Okay, so I have a hard time believing that the two of them could be sequestered up in a cabin for weeks on end without going all the way.  That isn't to say I don't think it is impossible to have controlled teenagers out there.  We are just lead to believe these days that this sort of scenario is nigh impossible.  Don't get me wrong, I was glad nothing like that crept into the book.  I just felt that the author spent too much time here and I really started to expect something horrible to happen.  When that moment came it sure wasn't what I expected.  Surprise is good right?

Follow Friday: 2/17

If you are a fan of Science Fiction what is your favorite book? If you haven't read Science Fiction before...any inkling to? Anything catch your eye?

I do like Sci-fi if it is really well done.  For me it is just harder to accept the oddity of the worlds.  Once they are sufficiently worked out I am just as engrossed in them as any other book.  I know I have read a good handful of books.

These aren't YA.

First Truth, Hidden Truth, Forgotton Truth, Lost Truth by Dawn Cook (found in sci-fi at my library but they hardly seem such)

The Host by Stephenie Meyer



Novels by Scott Westerfield

I am sure there are quite a few more but when it comes to YA I haven't been breaking them into a sci-fi group.  Most of the dystopian novels probably fit in this category.

Thursday, February 17

Lost Voices: Book Review

by Sarah Porter

Publication Date: July 4th 2011

Why did I pick this book?  The cover is just lovely.

First Chapter: Bit long and alright, the ending is dramatic.
Prediction based on first chapter: (3)

Main Player: Lucette Gray Korchak
Place: Alaska

Early Impressions: Deeply disturbed.
Moment Divine: "His mother struck Luce as coarse and venomous, but then in her opinion most adults were. She couldn't understand why all the kids she knew were in such a hurry to turn into them."

This was a hard book for me to read.  The author was trying to contain all the horrific things in the world within the pages.  She then masked them in a world of make believe.  Perhaps, it was the particular horrific moments she chose to highlight or maybe the message I perceived behind it that really just made this hard to read. 
The character and storyline seemed to be suffering from some instability.  One moment they are all supremely happy and then psycho.  It was hard to follow at moments.  The hardest moment to swallow was the ending which was just abrupt and quiet unfulfilling. I don't understand what the point of the book was. There seemed to be a direction toward something but then it just stopped.
I don't know who I would recommend this book to.  It was real it was fiction and it was plain crazy.  I imagine there is a sequel in the works and it might prove to be a bit more stable.

Spoiler Section:  The message of this book really disturbed me.  It seemed to say that if you have been a victim you are completely freed of any feelings and kindness to others.  They deserve to be treated cruely and you shouldn't feel any pangs of conscience.  Basically, the victim becomes the victimizer and it is completely okay.  Not only that, these girls supposedly are given a second chance at finding a place to be valued and belong.  But really it is a place so false and cruel, what is up with that.  Why even bother going through all that weird stuff?

Wednesday, February 16

Waiting on Wednesday: Illusions

Hosted by Breaking the Spine

by Aprilynne Pike

Publication Date: May 3rd

From Goodreads

Laurel hasn't seen Tamani since she begged him to let her go last year. Though her heart still aches, Laurel is confident that David was the right choice.

But just as life is returning to normal, Laurel discovers that a hidden enemy lies in wait. Once again, Laurel must turn to Tamani to protect and guide her, for the danger that now threatens Avalon is one that no faerie thought would ever be possible. And for the first time, Laurel cannot be sure that her side will prevail.

This is a must read for me based upon the state of the romantic relationship it entails. I just have to see where they end up.  I must admit I have changed sides in this particular battle but am not very determinedly fixed.  Please, I am begging the cosmos, let this work out spectacular.

Mid-Week Meet n' Greet: 2/16

I was a bit too busy this week to find some poor soul to come with me.  All those I was hanging out with just didn't seem to be the right choice for socializing.  They were all a bit too intense and maybe even scary.

Alright so I have a bit of a pet peeve to weigh in over today.

How many of you have been sitting there happily reading along when someone asks, "What are you reading?"

Keep in mind, I am one of those people who completely tunes out the world around me and even sometimes, if the book is awesome, hold it in front of my face.  Doesn't that just seem as if I am saying to the world, Don't bother me, I am reading.
Now the question, What are you reading, can have two outcomes.  Both outcomes depend on how ernest the seekers desire for an answer is.

For those who really want to know why I look so incredibly happy.  I love when this type of person asks.  They genuinely want to know what I am reading, so that they can find it for themselves.  Sadly, this really hardly ever happens.  More often than not their eyes begin to glaze over as they are treated to my full excitement.  I just start going off about how great this book is, you know blah blah blah.  These types of people remind me of those checkers at the store who ask, How are you doing today?  As if they really want to know, not just doing it to seem all courteous. They sure don't want some detailed list about your life and all that.
Every time, I see the eyes begin to glaze I can't help but think I have gone overboard and scared them off.  Then to make myself feel a little bit better I think, well you asked for it.

Another thing, I think many of these people think I would prefer to talk to them than read a book.  Do you think they sit there and say to themselves, oh that poor darling she must just be bored to death.  Hopefully, none of them think anything of the sort and that is my overactive imagination speaking.  But, I would swear, I have seen this look a couple of times that just begs this to be true.  Especially, when after you stop answering and try to go back to reading they all up and keep talking.  Hello, I am not looking at you.  I have clearly returned to my book.  What gives you the idea I want to talk?

Well I guess it is lucky for me I do most of my reading where only my family can bug me now.

If you haven't seen I'm Reading a Book, (by Julian Smith) it fits this pretty well check it out.

Why not weigh in your opinion in the comment section or make a post about it and link it up so we can follow along.

Tuesday, February 15

The Vespertine: Book Review

by Saundra Mitchell

Publication Date: March 7th 2011

Why read this book?
I was intrigued by a review at a friends blog.

First Chapter: Interesting
Prediction based upon first chapter: (3)

Main Players: Amelia van den Broek and Nathaniel Witherspoon
Place: Maryland and Maine

Early Impressions: Can the lead character be any more annoying.  I feel as if I am reading Catherine Morland, from Northanger Abbey.  That sort of idiotic seeking of trouble and mystery where it isn't can get a bit grating on the nerves.  Hopefully, all ends well as it did in that story.
Moments Divine: "Pride's a sin, and I'm proud as sin of it."
"Right now, all I want to be is the thing that distracts him and troubles him and sweetly disturbs him from morning til night."
"I've seen the future."

"Am I with you there?"

Review: Oh, my goodness!  What a remarkable story.  I must say that from the get go I was bored and even put it aside for weeks.  Much of the first bit of the book I was constantly annoyed with Amelia and her stupidity.  Come near middle of the book I was shall we say invested.  I would liken this book to a hurricane.  At first not much more than weak winds, before long deadly destruction.  Some of the parts near the end left me cold with chills from the sheer immensity of the moments. It was amazing how something so innocuous could suddenly turn vicious and deadly.  This really is a must read in my books.  Now don't go thinking this will necessarily be the best book you ever read.  Merely, something that is unforgettable and worth the time.

Spoiler Section: Wow, I still really don't like Amelia come the ending.  I mean I know it isn't really her fault all that happened.  People make their own choices, but still she was so begging for trouble I just feel she should have the punishment.  But, I guess I don't wish Nathaniel to suffer and he is a decent bloke.
In my opinion nothing was quite as shocking or cold as the two words on that telegraph.  I sure couldn't blame her for wishing she had taken the bullet.  Still, she is only seventeen, so much life and time could change so much.
Another thing, this really left me wondering, was it all really her fault.  Certainly, if she hadn't been there some of the things wouldn't have happened.  One of them seems as if it would have happened regardless.  And that would be the whole Sarah thing.  So what would have been the outcome for all else involved.  Should she bare the blame, especially since we all have to exist somewhere.

Top Ten Tuesday: 2/15

Okay, so I can totally not put these in any sort of logical order.  I mean they are all different in so many ways.  My favorite love story of the moment depends on the moment.  Sometimes I want it to be tragic and others sweet.  These are ten of my favorites that came to mind.

Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Bronte
Devil's Cub, by Georgette Heyer
Sylvester, by Georgette Heyer
April Lady, by Georgette Heyer
Book of a Thousand Days, by Shannon Hale
Poison Study, by Maria V. Snyder
Arabella, by Georgette Heyer
The Iron Fey, by Julie Kagawa
The Body Finder, by Kimberly Derting
Pride & Prejudice, by Jane Austen

As I am finishing up this post several more have come to mind I feel almost criminal leaving them of the list. Hopefully, they won't haunt me in my sleep as a consequence of being left out.

Monday, February 14

Outside In: Book Review

by Maria V. Snyder

Why this book?
The only answer I can give is Riley.

First Chapter: Bit boring, predictable
Prediction based upon first chapter: (2)

Main Players: Trella Gerrard, Riley Ashon, and so many others
Place: Inside

Early Impressions: Woa there slow down, the romance between Riley and Trella seemed to heat up drastically out of nowhere.

Moments Divine: "I didn't want to interrupt."

"Yeah right. You were hoping to overhear something juicy.". . .

. . . Anne-Jade glanced at him and then me. "And just how much juice do you think I could get from a couple of overcooked mutton chops like yourselves?"


"I donated skin so the Doctor could grow my brother a new coat."

Logan smiled. "I'm covered with girl germs . . . don't tell Riley."

"Maybe you'll be smarter now."


"Sleep? What's that? A new type of casserole?"

Review: I didn't like this book as much as the first one.  That isn't to say it didn't keep me spell bound until the end.  I enjoyed the book very much when everything started to get really unpredictable and fall apart. Trella really got on my nerves.  She just seemed to have lost all her fire and personality.  No wonder she got into such a spot.  At the same time I really have a hard time believing that people would really want to rely on her.  I guess you would just have to live it to really understand.  There were quite a few funny spots and more than enough action to fill the pages.  Definitely, give this one a read and see how everything works out for this interestingly located community.

Spoiler Section:  I felt a few things were missing.  Such as, several times in the book you hear characters threatening to take vengeance on others for their ill deeds.  Well, it sure didn't happen from what I saw.  I guess I can only infer that another book is on its way.  Either that or these spicy little side details slipped to the wayside.  I would dearly have loved to see Riley hold to his determination for vengeance along with Logan, and Trella.  Not only these things bugged me but the lack of explanation as to why the Outsiders were exiled.  I like those sort of dirty details.
Another thing that bugs me, here we are following the story of some group of people that will be long dead by the time the so called big day arrives.  It makes me wonder if this will just go on forever, by picking up along the descendants. 

Thursday, February 10

Follow Friday: 2/11

What is your favorite romance hero-type? Stereotype wise. Do you like the strong silent type or the brute macho man?

The best answer would be I just know it when I find it.  There is no one guaranteed type I feel is always right.  Maybe, the mood swings affect the type of guy I go for.  Or, possibly, it has a bit to do with the writing ability of the author.

More often than not I go for the same type.  I like them to be a bit on the wrong side of the divide.  Not so far as to be hard core criminal or insane.  I like a medium build with just enough to tease but not terrorize.  Keep away all macho, ego maniac weirdos.  Silent isn't so bad since it leaves you thinking.  I think most important is some sort of protector.

When Lightning Strikes: Book Review

by Meg Cabot

First Chapter: A bit boring
Prediction based upon first chapter: (2)

Main Players: Jessica Mastriani and Rob Wilkins
Place: Indiana

Early Impressions:  I like the idea of being able to find people with some "super" power.  Jessica is also a bit odd yet different than most heroines.  It is nice that she doesn't filter who she is but lets it out forcefully on the nearest deserving person.

Moment Divine: {"Jeez," I said, looking at Sean. "Who's your dad, anyway? Darth Vader?"

Sean nodded. "Only not as nice."

"Oh, good job," I said to Special Agents Johnson and Smith. "You two must be real proud of yourselves, reuniting this little boy with a dark lord of the Sith."}

{"Jess," he said, "you make me pround to have sat by you in detention. Did you know that?"}

Well, this book probably is more like a two and a half stars but today is a generous day.  My biggest beef with the book is that the characters swear near as much as they breathe.  I really don't think it is all that necessary.  The story itself is an interesting idea.  What if you went through some tragic, usually fatal, accident and wound up with a "super" power.  Now what would you do since it came on all sudden like?  Especially, if you are a sixteen year old and have a penchant for trouble.  Well, you would get in trouble and then since you are also such an upstanding citizen find some way to extract you and all those involved from trouble. Unbelievable, I know, but still not a bad read all things considered.

Spoiler Section:  The mother has got to be stopped.  I found myself thinking, she needs to be medicated or sent off to some rehab.  She is far too controlling and blind to who her children really are.  Is is any surprise that the kids are all a bit on the wack side?

Library Thursday: 2/10

Hosted by Lazy Girl Reads

Sadly, this week I have too many books to catch up on to pick up some new ones.  I am also moving and so would like to say farewell to my library.  When I moved here I was quite saddened by the smaller size and much smaller budget compared to the previous library that enjoyed my patronage.  It seems I was destined to find and even smaller library.  I guess the lesson is be grateful for what you have.
I am uber grateful that I still have the possibility of using the state wide ebook and audiobook library.  How else am I going to get too many reads? I was just looking over my wishlist of books at this particular library and discovered I have plenty to keep me busy for a few months.  I better get busy.  The book I am most excited to get my hands on after the move is My Soul to Steal by Rachel Vincent.

Wednesday, February 9

Mid-Week Meet n' Greet: The Very First

So, I find myself smack in the center of the week and wishing it were the weekend.  To liven up my mood I thought a meet and greet was in order.  This here shindig is for book bloggers and readers to converse and such.

To open up I welcome you all real friendly like.

I brought Jacinda (Jace) Jones, from Firelight, with me and for a snack we brought gemstones.

Snack, you say, well of course what sort of get together would it be without some grub.

What is that?  You don't eat the gemstones, silly.  To get the most from the gemstones you should hold one in your hand.  Can you feel it?  Isn't that so invigorating and nourishing?  You can just feel life pouring into your body and bursting out all of your pores.

You are starting to get a funny look in your eye and I can see that Jace is spewing steam from her nostrils.  Why don't you put that gemstone back into its lock box.  Come on now, we can't go upsetting guests here, put it back all gentle like.

Alright now that we have sampled the snacks, lets get this party on the road.

May I suggest you consider the following as a topic of discussion:

Do you believe you can judge a book by its first chapter?

Jacinda says she would rather hang out with Will than bother judging a book by its first chapter.  Now let me remind you Jace, you don't have the luxury of that option right now and will just have to patiently wait.

I can't rightly say I know the answer to that there question.  This is something I have decided to investigate further; and as a beginning start to my research I am asking you.  I do know that I once sat down with ten library books and decided that I would read all the first chapters.  Based upon which one felt the most exciting is the order in which they were read.  From that small experiment, I can tell you that it wasn't too far off.  But then, lately I haven't been able to say this is much of a success.  Sometimes even a super first chapter can turn into a complete letdown of a book.  I wonder if maybe I just need more practice at trying to judge a first chapter or if it is a lost cause.

Why not weigh in your opinion in the comment section or make a post about it and link it up so we can follow along.  (Jace promises she won't turn you into crispy fried barbecue.)

Tuesday, February 8

Waiting on Wednesday: Entwined

by Heather Dixon

Published: March 29th

From Goodreads

Azalea is trapped. Just when she should feel that everything is before her . . . beautiful gowns, dashing suitors, balls filled with dancing . . . it's taken away. All of it.

The Keeper understands. He's trapped, too, held for centuries within the walls of the palace. And so he extends an invitation.

Every night, Azalea and her eleven sisters may step through the enchanted passage in their room to dance in his silver forest.

But there is a cost.

The Keeper likes to keep things.

Azalea may not realize how tangled she is in his web until it is too late.

This is one of those completely blind things.  I can't wait to read this based solely upon the cover.  Isn't it beautiful to behold?  Well, I think so at the very least.  Hopefully, the innards of this particular beauty won't disappoint. (No, I did not read the blurb I put in from Goodreads.)

A Certain Slant of Light: Partial Book Review

by Laura Whitcomb
Early Impressions:
Wow!  The language and descriptions in this book are just beautiful.  I feel as if the author could take any ordinary thing and bring it to life.  Also, I really like the idea that is fleshed out through this book.  As if there is something else that helps to inspire and guide us when we might otherwise fall silent.  

First Chapter: Intriguing
Prediction based upon first chapter: (4)

Alright, so I have reached a terrible point with this book.  I had to put it down and label it unfinished.  The amazing description that seems so liberating and fulfilling in the beginning of the book soon turns out to be way too much information.  As the characters hit some seriously intense topics and moments I was left feeling uncomfortable or very afraid.  The book seemed so harmless and fresh then soon became dark, stained, and frightening.  Even when things seem to be looking up for the characters I was left with an extreme sense of foreboding.  There is a reason the bodies were unwanted.  Even with this knowledge I was determined to see the characters through.  
Then I hit the sex scene and that was it for me.  Now, all of the beautiful descriptions seemed dirty and slimy.  I am really sad that I wasn't able to finish the book.

Spoiler Section:
The thing that irks me the most about this book is that the characters are adults in teenage bodies.  So the instant it becomes a possibility they start humping each other every chance they get.  Also, this humping commences like maybe a week after they even meet each other.  It just doesn't make me believe there is anything more to their relationship than sex.