Wednesday, February 16

Mid-Week Meet n' Greet: 2/16

I was a bit too busy this week to find some poor soul to come with me.  All those I was hanging out with just didn't seem to be the right choice for socializing.  They were all a bit too intense and maybe even scary.

Alright so I have a bit of a pet peeve to weigh in over today.

How many of you have been sitting there happily reading along when someone asks, "What are you reading?"

Keep in mind, I am one of those people who completely tunes out the world around me and even sometimes, if the book is awesome, hold it in front of my face.  Doesn't that just seem as if I am saying to the world, Don't bother me, I am reading.
Now the question, What are you reading, can have two outcomes.  Both outcomes depend on how ernest the seekers desire for an answer is.

For those who really want to know why I look so incredibly happy.  I love when this type of person asks.  They genuinely want to know what I am reading, so that they can find it for themselves.  Sadly, this really hardly ever happens.  More often than not their eyes begin to glaze over as they are treated to my full excitement.  I just start going off about how great this book is, you know blah blah blah.  These types of people remind me of those checkers at the store who ask, How are you doing today?  As if they really want to know, not just doing it to seem all courteous. They sure don't want some detailed list about your life and all that.
Every time, I see the eyes begin to glaze I can't help but think I have gone overboard and scared them off.  Then to make myself feel a little bit better I think, well you asked for it.

Another thing, I think many of these people think I would prefer to talk to them than read a book.  Do you think they sit there and say to themselves, oh that poor darling she must just be bored to death.  Hopefully, none of them think anything of the sort and that is my overactive imagination speaking.  But, I would swear, I have seen this look a couple of times that just begs this to be true.  Especially, when after you stop answering and try to go back to reading they all up and keep talking.  Hello, I am not looking at you.  I have clearly returned to my book.  What gives you the idea I want to talk?

Well I guess it is lucky for me I do most of my reading where only my family can bug me now.

If you haven't seen I'm Reading a Book, (by Julian Smith) it fits this pretty well check it out.

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