Tuesday, February 22

Top Ten Tuesday: 2/22

Top Ten Book to Movie Adaptations

I thought I would split this into good, bad, and nervously awaiting.

Harry Potter - I loved the books more than the movies but the movies hold their own. (Alternate Universe or something)

Pride and Prejudice - (with Colin Firth) This version is, in my mind, better than the book. I think this since I have no desire to read the book only see the movie.  Even my husband watches this one with me.

The Lightning Thief - Not near as good as the book of course.  I thought the movie wasn't so bad and am excited for the next one.

Eragon - So horrible, very loosely based upon the book and such a flop.  Although the follow up books aren't doing much justice to the storyline, either.

Jane Eyre - I have seen many editions and still haven't met one that can capture the depth in the book.

Twilight and family - I liked the book until the movies started to corrupt their memory.  Too much publicity or messed up characters and it soured the whole deal.

Nervously Awaiting: (They might not be able to do justice to the awesomeness that is the book.)
Mortal Instruments - I just can't see how it is possible to put that series into movie magic.

Demon's Lexicon - This one is a toss up it really could work out better or be a huge disappointment.
Mockingbird - Can they really pull that off and be anywhere near watchable.  My mind did a lot of screen of the violence.

Mockingjay - Can this really be done and be something you can watch.  It was an extremely violent book.