Tuesday, February 1

Cybele's Secret: Book Review

by Juliet Marillier

Moment Divine:  "His misplaced heroism is all to do with you. Tell him you can't do without him. That should do the trick, even if he has to break a few bones to manage it."

First off this book is a follow up to Wildwood Dancing, which was a great read in and of itself.  This was a fun little read, even though it was a bit slow in starting. It didn't turn out as great as its predecessor since I felt there wasn't as much depth available.  The characters were an interesting bunch and even though they weren't quite as great as those from the first book they did provide a good story.  My favorite character definitely turns out to by Stoyan.  He is a super giant and very simple guy. One of my favorite parts involving this character is on page 343.  I really liked the different culture in this book and also that some of the characters were not your usual finds.