Monday, February 21

Raising the Dead: Book Review

by Mara Purnhagen

Novella for Past Midnight Series

First Chapter: Very interesting ending
Prediction based upon first chapter: (4)

Main Player: Charlotte Silver
Place: South Carolina

Early Impressions: After the first chapter, I am fulling expecting an awesome short story.

Moment Divine: "Although his only other option was to hang out with his mom and her new boyfriend, and I knew he'd rather pour Tabasco in his eyes than watch the two of them swoon over each other."

Well, I am disappointed.  I feel that there was so much potential laid in place early in the story.  So many of the points were just dropped and it was rather weak.  The story went from completely undone to a few close up pages.  It was rather sad and I am not sure how this was essential to the continuing story.  I won't truly know this until I read the next book.