Wednesday, February 23

Mid-Week Meet n' Greet: 2/23

This week I brought Charlotte Silver from Hundred Candles.  We brought along some Guiseppe's Pizza to share with you all.  I hear it is a local phenomenon around those parts.

Okay, now we are all fictionally stuffed with tasty pizza lets get down to business.

While you are reading do you do anything embarrassing or that draws attention to yourself?

My biggest habit I have while reading is expressing my emotions freely. 

When I read a particularly funny moment, I laugh out loud.  This always earns me the usual question.  What is so funny?  I must laugh in some terribly intoxicating way since they are dragged against their will to inquire.  I can tell they really want to laugh with me.  Sadly, I can never explain it to them in a way that gives them the satisfaction.  I, generally, tell people now that you would have to read it to understand.  Hey, for all I know the moment really is funny to no one else but me anyway.

I wonder if I blush when reading some kissing scene?  Sometimes I feel my cheeks warm.  More than likely no one would ever notice that.  Plus, what would they say or think in response?

The last thing I am sure I do is sigh at a particularly lovely romantic moment.  Now to clarify, I don't do this during reading very often.  And, no one has ever commented on that to my knowledge.  But sometimes, I just meet that special moment that demands a sigh.