Monday, February 14

Outside In: Book Review

by Maria V. Snyder

Why this book?
The only answer I can give is Riley.

First Chapter: Bit boring, predictable
Prediction based upon first chapter: (2)

Main Players: Trella Gerrard, Riley Ashon, and so many others
Place: Inside

Early Impressions: Woa there slow down, the romance between Riley and Trella seemed to heat up drastically out of nowhere.

Moments Divine: "I didn't want to interrupt."

"Yeah right. You were hoping to overhear something juicy.". . .

. . . Anne-Jade glanced at him and then me. "And just how much juice do you think I could get from a couple of overcooked mutton chops like yourselves?"


"I donated skin so the Doctor could grow my brother a new coat."

Logan smiled. "I'm covered with girl germs . . . don't tell Riley."

"Maybe you'll be smarter now."


"Sleep? What's that? A new type of casserole?"

Review: I didn't like this book as much as the first one.  That isn't to say it didn't keep me spell bound until the end.  I enjoyed the book very much when everything started to get really unpredictable and fall apart. Trella really got on my nerves.  She just seemed to have lost all her fire and personality.  No wonder she got into such a spot.  At the same time I really have a hard time believing that people would really want to rely on her.  I guess you would just have to live it to really understand.  There were quite a few funny spots and more than enough action to fill the pages.  Definitely, give this one a read and see how everything works out for this interestingly located community.

Spoiler Section:  I felt a few things were missing.  Such as, several times in the book you hear characters threatening to take vengeance on others for their ill deeds.  Well, it sure didn't happen from what I saw.  I guess I can only infer that another book is on its way.  Either that or these spicy little side details slipped to the wayside.  I would dearly have loved to see Riley hold to his determination for vengeance along with Logan, and Trella.  Not only these things bugged me but the lack of explanation as to why the Outsiders were exiled.  I like those sort of dirty details.
Another thing that bugs me, here we are following the story of some group of people that will be long dead by the time the so called big day arrives.  It makes me wonder if this will just go on forever, by picking up along the descendants.