Thursday, February 10

Library Thursday: 2/10

Hosted by Lazy Girl Reads

Sadly, this week I have too many books to catch up on to pick up some new ones.  I am also moving and so would like to say farewell to my library.  When I moved here I was quite saddened by the smaller size and much smaller budget compared to the previous library that enjoyed my patronage.  It seems I was destined to find and even smaller library.  I guess the lesson is be grateful for what you have.
I am uber grateful that I still have the possibility of using the state wide ebook and audiobook library.  How else am I going to get too many reads? I was just looking over my wishlist of books at this particular library and discovered I have plenty to keep me busy for a few months.  I better get busy.  The book I am most excited to get my hands on after the move is My Soul to Steal by Rachel Vincent.