Thursday, February 3

Firelight: Book Review

by Sophie Jordan

I have been wanting to read this book for months.  When I vacation last summer I wandered into Barnes & Noble and cruised the YA section.  This book caught my eye and I proceeded to read almost the first two chapters before being called away.  Since then I have been searching high and low for a copy.  Success!

First Chapter: Give Me More
Prediction based on first chapter: (4)

Main Players: Jacinda Jones and Will Rutledge
Place: The Cascades and Chaparral, Nevada

Moment Divine: "When I shoot, the ball bounces hard off the backboard and flies wildly through the air, knocking the coach in the head. I slap a hand over my mouth. The coach barely catches herself from falling. Several students laugh. She glares at me and readjusts her cap.

With a small wave of appology, I head back to the end of the line.

Will's there, fighting laughter.

"Nice," he says. "Glad I'm downcourt of you."

I cross my arms and resist smiling, resist letting myself feel good around him. But he makes it hard. I want to smile. I want to like him, to be around him, to know him. "Happy to amuse you.""

I loved this book!  The whole thing was a fun idea from the start and very easy to wrap my mind around.  One of my favorite things about this book is how she describes the connection or attraction felt by the romantic pair.  The book starts off fast and then provides enough side play that it doesn't lag.  Most of the book was really spent more setting up for the next than making too much of its own stand.  Even so I really(really really) want to read the next one and will be waiting very impatiently when I have the time to think about it.  One other thing I like is how well she explains emotions and makes it seem as if being a draki would be the greatest thing ever.  Sign me up!