Tuesday, February 8

A Certain Slant of Light: Partial Book Review

by Laura Whitcomb
Early Impressions:
Wow!  The language and descriptions in this book are just beautiful.  I feel as if the author could take any ordinary thing and bring it to life.  Also, I really like the idea that is fleshed out through this book.  As if there is something else that helps to inspire and guide us when we might otherwise fall silent.  

First Chapter: Intriguing
Prediction based upon first chapter: (4)

Alright, so I have reached a terrible point with this book.  I had to put it down and label it unfinished.  The amazing description that seems so liberating and fulfilling in the beginning of the book soon turns out to be way too much information.  As the characters hit some seriously intense topics and moments I was left feeling uncomfortable or very afraid.  The book seemed so harmless and fresh then soon became dark, stained, and frightening.  Even when things seem to be looking up for the characters I was left with an extreme sense of foreboding.  There is a reason the bodies were unwanted.  Even with this knowledge I was determined to see the characters through.  
Then I hit the sex scene and that was it for me.  Now, all of the beautiful descriptions seemed dirty and slimy.  I am really sad that I wasn't able to finish the book.

Spoiler Section:
The thing that irks me the most about this book is that the characters are adults in teenage bodies.  So the instant it becomes a possibility they start humping each other every chance they get.  Also, this humping commences like maybe a week after they even meet each other.  It just doesn't make me believe there is anything more to their relationship than sex.