Saturday, February 5

Victoria and the Rogue: Book Review

by Meg Cabot

First Chapter: Interesting
Prediction based upon first chapter: (3)

Main Players: Lady Victoria, Lord Malfrey, and Jacob Carstairs
Place: London, England

Early impressions:
  • So I am beginning to think you could eliminate the (and) then it is more appropriately titled.  I could be wrong let's wait and see.
  • What is it with the roast?
Moments Divine: ""Tut, tut, Mrs. White, " he said. "Lady Victoria, take the swing? Swings are for mealymouthed misses who swoon at the sight of a shark fin. Lady Victoria is made of much sterner stuff than that. Why, I'd pit her against a shark any day of the week.""

"Well, the dowager Lady Malfrey would simply have to be gotten rid of.

Oh, not be killing her, of course. Victoria had a profound distaste for violence, and besides thought murder entirely too easy - unsporting actually."

Delightful! I have long wanted to read just such a character.  Victoria is just a hoot and such fun to follow.  I love that the writer has dived into the inner workings of a ladies mind.  She takes our surety that we are always right and ever jumping to conclusions and pushes it a bit toward the extreme in this book.  It really makes for a entertaining read.  Victoria is a completely original and not acceptable lady by the standards London has set but she lets it not bother one bit.  She has a real strength of mind, which is both good and bad.  Pick this book up and give it a try.  I know I will be seeking out another book by Meg Cabot.

Spoiler Section:
The romantic gestures by Jacob Carstairs with Victoria are a bit unique.  So unique in fact, that I am not at all surprised she is caught off guard and ultimately unaware of what he means.  I mean his proposal was absolutely anything but a proposal.  We are raised to expect it will be something so romantic.  There will be great outpourings of his love and devotion.  Since this is what is so completely lacking, it really helps you see that what is important is not the flowery words but the strength of the love that causes his heart to beat for you.