Thursday, February 17

Lost Voices: Book Review

by Sarah Porter

Publication Date: July 4th 2011

Why did I pick this book?  The cover is just lovely.

First Chapter: Bit long and alright, the ending is dramatic.
Prediction based on first chapter: (3)

Main Player: Lucette Gray Korchak
Place: Alaska

Early Impressions: Deeply disturbed.
Moment Divine: "His mother struck Luce as coarse and venomous, but then in her opinion most adults were. She couldn't understand why all the kids she knew were in such a hurry to turn into them."

This was a hard book for me to read.  The author was trying to contain all the horrific things in the world within the pages.  She then masked them in a world of make believe.  Perhaps, it was the particular horrific moments she chose to highlight or maybe the message I perceived behind it that really just made this hard to read. 
The character and storyline seemed to be suffering from some instability.  One moment they are all supremely happy and then psycho.  It was hard to follow at moments.  The hardest moment to swallow was the ending which was just abrupt and quiet unfulfilling. I don't understand what the point of the book was. There seemed to be a direction toward something but then it just stopped.
I don't know who I would recommend this book to.  It was real it was fiction and it was plain crazy.  I imagine there is a sequel in the works and it might prove to be a bit more stable.

Spoiler Section:  The message of this book really disturbed me.  It seemed to say that if you have been a victim you are completely freed of any feelings and kindness to others.  They deserve to be treated cruely and you shouldn't feel any pangs of conscience.  Basically, the victim becomes the victimizer and it is completely okay.  Not only that, these girls supposedly are given a second chance at finding a place to be valued and belong.  But really it is a place so false and cruel, what is up with that.  Why even bother going through all that weird stuff?


  1. Hello, I stumbled upon your review from Candace's Book Blog from the Saturday Situation meme.

    I'd like to kind of explain what I thought, in answer to your last paragraph. Spoilers may be ahead to anyone who hasn't read Lost Voices that is reading this comment. Be forewarned.

    To me, the girls were feeling spite for what the humans/adults did to them. They were abused and neglected. So, they fought back in the only way they knew how: killing. It's like when a serial killer is abused when he grows up, so that's part of the reason he kills. Luce doesn't want this, she doesn't want to kill people. Even though she suffered abuse and neglect, she doesn't feel they should kill innocent people because of what one person did to them.

    They got a second chance at a home and they're taking advantage of it. I believe things will be better addressed in the second book of the series too, where maybe some of the girls will either realize what's right, or they'll get what's coming to them in the form of bad karma.

    I hope what I said sort of changed things from how you were thinking that they were getting away with it and it was all fine and dandy. That was part of the point of the book, was that Luce isn't this way, and she wants to help the other girls see how cruel it is to kill random, innocent people.

  2. Thank you for your comment. Hopefully, Luce will fulfill her dream and help all the mermaids into a better life.