Friday, February 4

Follow Friday: 2/4

What is the book you are currently 'pushing'? (Pushing mean trying to get people to read it)

Interesting choice of question.  I can't really say that I am pushing at any one book right this second.  I have been mentioning the Iron Fey series a lot, and well it is beyond awesome.  More broadly, I am offering all my favorite recommendations on a regular basis.  Besides, the word pushing just seems so harsh.  I like to think of it more along the lines of nudging every so gentle like.


  1. I'm your newest follower! Hopping by to check in; visit in turn if you can.

    The book I'm pushing is Fatty Legs, a terrific story of a girl's unbroken spirit in the face of hostility and alienation.

    You can read my review of it here:

  2. I liked The Iron Fae series. Great choice!

  3. I am currently trying to get people to read Demons are a girls best friend.. come check out my blog

    Outhouse Reviews
    have a great weekend