Tuesday, February 15

The Vespertine: Book Review

by Saundra Mitchell

Publication Date: March 7th 2011

Why read this book?
I was intrigued by a review at a friends blog.

First Chapter: Interesting
Prediction based upon first chapter: (3)

Main Players: Amelia van den Broek and Nathaniel Witherspoon
Place: Maryland and Maine

Early Impressions: Can the lead character be any more annoying.  I feel as if I am reading Catherine Morland, from Northanger Abbey.  That sort of idiotic seeking of trouble and mystery where it isn't can get a bit grating on the nerves.  Hopefully, all ends well as it did in that story.
Moments Divine: "Pride's a sin, and I'm proud as sin of it."
"Right now, all I want to be is the thing that distracts him and troubles him and sweetly disturbs him from morning til night."
"I've seen the future."

"Am I with you there?"

Review: Oh, my goodness!  What a remarkable story.  I must say that from the get go I was bored and even put it aside for weeks.  Much of the first bit of the book I was constantly annoyed with Amelia and her stupidity.  Come near middle of the book I was shall we say invested.  I would liken this book to a hurricane.  At first not much more than weak winds, before long deadly destruction.  Some of the parts near the end left me cold with chills from the sheer immensity of the moments. It was amazing how something so innocuous could suddenly turn vicious and deadly.  This really is a must read in my books.  Now don't go thinking this will necessarily be the best book you ever read.  Merely, something that is unforgettable and worth the time.

Spoiler Section: Wow, I still really don't like Amelia come the ending.  I mean I know it isn't really her fault all that happened.  People make their own choices, but still she was so begging for trouble I just feel she should have the punishment.  But, I guess I don't wish Nathaniel to suffer and he is a decent bloke.
In my opinion nothing was quite as shocking or cold as the two words on that telegraph.  I sure couldn't blame her for wishing she had taken the bullet.  Still, she is only seventeen, so much life and time could change so much.
Another thing, this really left me wondering, was it all really her fault.  Certainly, if she hadn't been there some of the things wouldn't have happened.  One of them seems as if it would have happened regardless.  And that would be the whole Sarah thing.  So what would have been the outcome for all else involved.  Should she bare the blame, especially since we all have to exist somewhere.