Tuesday, February 15

Top Ten Tuesday: 2/15

Okay, so I can totally not put these in any sort of logical order.  I mean they are all different in so many ways.  My favorite love story of the moment depends on the moment.  Sometimes I want it to be tragic and others sweet.  These are ten of my favorites that came to mind.

Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Bronte
Devil's Cub, by Georgette Heyer
Sylvester, by Georgette Heyer
April Lady, by Georgette Heyer
Book of a Thousand Days, by Shannon Hale
Poison Study, by Maria V. Snyder
Arabella, by Georgette Heyer
The Iron Fey, by Julie Kagawa
The Body Finder, by Kimberly Derting
Pride & Prejudice, by Jane Austen

As I am finishing up this post several more have come to mind I feel almost criminal leaving them of the list. Hopefully, they won't haunt me in my sleep as a consequence of being left out.


  1. I hope to read several Georgette Heyer books this year. These all sound wonderful. Jane Eyre and P&P made my list too :)

  2. I've been seeing Poison Study all over the place recently. It's on my TBR list, but it can't get here fast enough! I stumbled upon Heyer a couple years ago, and I love The Masqueraders. Her writing is so clever. Great list!

  3. Totally agree with The Iron Fey love story! I love Meghan and Ash so so much :) Their story is so so amazingly beautiful! :) ;) <3