Thursday, February 10

When Lightning Strikes: Book Review

by Meg Cabot

First Chapter: A bit boring
Prediction based upon first chapter: (2)

Main Players: Jessica Mastriani and Rob Wilkins
Place: Indiana

Early Impressions:  I like the idea of being able to find people with some "super" power.  Jessica is also a bit odd yet different than most heroines.  It is nice that she doesn't filter who she is but lets it out forcefully on the nearest deserving person.

Moment Divine: {"Jeez," I said, looking at Sean. "Who's your dad, anyway? Darth Vader?"

Sean nodded. "Only not as nice."

"Oh, good job," I said to Special Agents Johnson and Smith. "You two must be real proud of yourselves, reuniting this little boy with a dark lord of the Sith."}

{"Jess," he said, "you make me pround to have sat by you in detention. Did you know that?"}

Well, this book probably is more like a two and a half stars but today is a generous day.  My biggest beef with the book is that the characters swear near as much as they breathe.  I really don't think it is all that necessary.  The story itself is an interesting idea.  What if you went through some tragic, usually fatal, accident and wound up with a "super" power.  Now what would you do since it came on all sudden like?  Especially, if you are a sixteen year old and have a penchant for trouble.  Well, you would get in trouble and then since you are also such an upstanding citizen find some way to extract you and all those involved from trouble. Unbelievable, I know, but still not a bad read all things considered.

Spoiler Section:  The mother has got to be stopped.  I found myself thinking, she needs to be medicated or sent off to some rehab.  She is far too controlling and blind to who her children really are.  Is is any surprise that the kids are all a bit on the wack side?