Friday, April 29

Chime: Book Review

by Franny Billingsley

Main Players: Briony Larkin, Rose Larkin, and Eldric Clayborne
Place: Swampsea

Moment Divine: "All messages exchanged between members of the Fraternitus are, of course, secret. When you have read this letter, eat it!

P.S. I'm fairly sure I didn't use the poisoned ink.

I do not believe you used the poisoned ink, unless it is of the slow-acting variety. Please advise."
This book was an interesting mix of fantasy and adorable.  They live in a very dark and dreary area where bad things happen all the time.  This is no big deal. Adorable comes in the form of the relationship between Eldric and Briony.  This is the type of relationship I think many of us wish to find.  The two of them are so comfortable with each other that bit by bit all is revealed and accepted.  At the same time there is a fair bit of distraction and misdirection going on around this relationship.  I admit to being in the dark as to Eldric's intentions for quite some time.  
I also really liked the message the book was putting across.  It seems to me that we all have at least one horrible lie we have told are selves so long we believe it.  This is what made it so much easier to identify with Briony. This book was a journey of discovering the lie and then breaking it up and trying to put truth in its place.  I liked that healing seemed to go all around for the entire family as this progresses.
I was also impressed that the author could sell whatever she was peddling and I could rarely see through the facade.  This all made for such a ride of a story.  I definitely recommend this book for those who can stand a bit of horror and still be open and ready for the small precious moments.

Wednesday, April 27

Secrets and Shadows: Book Review

by Shannon Delany

Main Players: Jessica Gilmansen and Pietr Rusakova
Place: Junction

Loved, loved, loved this book.  It completely haunted my sleep.  My mind would rather stay focused on the characters than sleep.  I am most anxious to find out what happens after that intense cliff hanger.  August can't come soon enough.
I really liked the depth of the characters as well as the story.  At times Jessie seems a bit overly dense but I think that is more because we as a reader are not in her stressed position and can more easily see the signs coming from Pietr.  I felt that this book held a few surprises for the characters especially those we thought we knew so well.  There was also a good message about the importance of being upfront with those we love.  Secrets really do build walls that block and eventually can destroy good relationships.  
Anyway, I most definitely recommend this book to everyone.  There was only one small tidbit I wasn't much pleased with.  I am not a big fan of grounding a book in reality by using references to things contained in reality.  I guess I like to think each new book is in some alternate fictional reality.  So the part where she references Twilight, by Stephenie Meyer wasn't my favorite but it wasn't horrible either.

Monday, April 25

Wayfarer: Book Review

by R. J. Anderson

Main Players: Linden and Timothy Sinclair
Place: England

Not a great book, but a decent read.  There is a lack of depth and once the long built up quest comes to an end it all wraps up rather quick and lamely.  I think the author is trying to save up for the next book and it wasn't the greatest idea.  The characters were weak and hardly engaging.  I won't mind a bit if I never find out what happens to the lot of them.

Friday, April 22

Bumped: Book Review

by Megan McCafferty

Publication Date: April 26th

Main Players: Melody Mayflower, Harmony, and Zen
Place: Otherside

Being pregnant at the same time as reading this book it really brought what the girls were doing more into life.  I also couldn't help feeling that the way they viewed pregnancy was hurtful.  My view is that it is a very special experience that is profound and sacred.  This book made it feel cheap and almost dirty.  I did think all the odd words or "slang" used was rather imaginative.  Jondoe absolutely cracked me up inside.  Is that really how women like to be wooed?  Yeah, I know he just needed in her pants but still.  This is really not my kind of book, but the characters and the ending sort of saved the book for me.  By my recommendation this is a chancy book, I don't know who would most definitely love this.

Spoiler Section:
Alright, is it mean of me to completely disbelieve Jondoe?  I mean it seems he is willing to do anything to get what he wants done.  Who is to say he wouldn't be acting this whole thing out.  Of course he is giving Melody a lot of stuff to ruin him over.  I guess I will just have to pick up the sequel to find out. Or wait for someone else to spill it in their future spoilers.

Book Blogger Hop: 4/22

Book Blogger Hop

 "If you find a book you love, do you hunt down other books by the same author?"

If the book is a super delight, of course I hunt down the author in all other forms.  That isn't to say I read the other books with a blind eye.  I have started into some author's other books and realized the genius was a one time thing.  Some authors just seem to write in a style and along storylines that continue to please.  Although, admittedly, this is really rare to find especially with the current trend taking books a bit out of my comfort zone.  Plus, some authors seem to get a bit to high in the instep and their books start to show a love of something other than the story and its characters.

On the opposite side of the coin there have been a few authors I have given another chance after blacklisting them.  This isn't always a good experience but sometimes I have found some winners. 

Thursday, April 21

Shadowspell: Book Review

by Jenna Black

Main Players: Dana, Ethan, and the Erlking
Place: Avalon

Well, what a disappointment.  It had been so long since I had read the first that I had pretty much forgotten what it was about.  So, I had a really hard time getting into the book.  The only thought that kept revolving through my mind was that I really disliked Ethan and felt Dana to be pathetic.  These thought really didn't change as I progressed through the book, but I was hopeful it would.  Sadly, Dana just gets herself into one dumb fix after another.  The only thing I even remotely liked about this book was that relationship wise it is refreshing.  She is sixteen and flitting from one guy to another as fitting her age.  Yeah, I still hope she finds a great one to settle with, but for now this isn't too bad.  Especially, since she keeps picking utter losers.

Spoiler Section:
So the whole virginity thing was just a bit much for me.  The author builds up this sexual tension like you wouldn't believe.  Not to mention between some really sick characters, namely the Erlking.  Then she goes and pulls the whole virginity thing to try to cool it down for a while.  I really would rather it not have been a necessity.  What is so wrong with drawing out the falling in love part?  Lust is way overrated!

Wednesday, April 20

Timeless: Book Review

by Alexandra Monir

Main Players: Michele Windsor and Philip Walker
Location: New York

Yuck!  This book was really going along great.  It seems when it comes to time one should just altogether avoid the whole idea.  At least if you haven't liked it in the past.  I really liked the characters and though the whole time travel thing made such a mess, it was interesting.  I liked how she found so many people to help without any real plans on her part.  I also find it funny that no matter what she did she really didn't change a single thing.
Yes, I understand that a hundred impossible years seperate these two but as the book progresses it just seems like time has some sort of sick agenda.  Hey, lets see how many hearts I can break.  Basically, the book is just far too realistic at its end for me to feel a triumphant escape.  No thank you.

Spoiler Section:
After setting up this timeless love that is soul binding, please tell me the author isn't going to go and let her fall in love with some ancestor.  So what if he looks a bit like the guy, it isn't.  Well, unless we find by some miracle it is and he just acts really different at first.  Unless, I hear some sort of raving reviews about the sequel, not interested.

Wednesday, April 13

The Day Before: Book Review

by Lisa Schroeder

Publication Date: June 28th

Main Players: Amber and Caden
Place: Oregon

This was a very different experience.  The entire book is written in verse and so has little to say.  It didn't take me long to get through the whole book.  Considering the lack of words this book turned out to be a good one.  The author really makes the most of each word and puts more feeling and information in a few words than many an author can in a whole chapter.  I managed to care deeply for Cade and fervently wish that it didn't end with the day before but had some small follow up tidbit.  Luckily, as far as that, it ended perfectly.  If you are not deterred by reading a book in verse that jumps around and leaves much to the imagination, give this one a try.  It has a very good message about the importance of today and the brilliant possibility of tomorrow.  When times are at the worst remember it is all just a passing moment. Live.

Tuesday, April 12

Hereafter: Book Review

by Tara Hudson
Publication Date: June 7th

Main Players: Amelia Ashley and Joshua Mayhew
Place: Oklahoma

As I began this book I really felt a deja vu that reminded strongly of A Certain Slant of Light.  This was a bit disconcerting since I disliked the books so much I couldn't finish it.  However, given a bit of time the book takes on its own life.  I quickly grew to love Joshua.  He is just such a doll and completely and utterly impossible.  Could a person like him really exist in such circumstances as these?  Well, it was done so well that I fervently believed in it.  Although, sometimes I felt he should have shown a bit more backbone when it came to threats against Amelia.  This might be more a my projection of other things I would liked added to his character.  All in it was a really sweet story, that even being sad it leaves you with a sense of hope for the future.  But even with that hope there exists a more prevalent knowledge that even if the future works out bad right now is all that matters.  Such a sweet message, cherish what you have now.

Saturday, April 9

Die For Me: Book Review

by Amy Plum

Publication Date: May 10th

Main Players: Kate and Vincent
Place: Paris, France

This was such a fun read.  I felt a connection with Kate early on since she describes herself as an escapist at heart.  She keeps her reading among the classics but still understands the pull of books.  The interactions between the characters were fun and a bit unpredictable at first.  I really liked several of the side characters and felt they added greatly to the story.  Once the big reveal occurs I was a bit worried the book was going to turn sour.  It reminded me a bit too much of Rampant, which I did not like.  Lucky, for me, it managed to persevere through the immense information download and keep the story going.  I did at times find it a bit annoying that she would complain about not knowing Vincent then turn around and ask questions that never sated that curiosity.  All in all, I am a sucker for hopeless romantic situations and really felt Vincent was endearing.  You will just have to read it and find out if you agree.

Monday, April 4

Repairing Lease

Do you ever find yourself in need of a book repairing lease?

This is a state I seem to wander through a few times a year.  As a matter of fact I find myself currently firmly settled in such a state.  During these times I only want to read those books I have deemed classics.  I may find myself in this state for a variety of reasons.  Restore my faith in blissfully happily ever after books, or perhaps I am feeling nostalgic.

Lately, my wanderings have led me back to one of my favorite authors.  Georgette Heyer has written a number of books I tend to read over and over again.  I wouldn't call any of her books the best thing I have ever read, but even so there is just something to them that can calm my mind no matter where I find myself.  None, of these books are considered YA but they are all very clean romances.

So, I found myself reading Bath Tangle.  The funny part is my Dad asked out of the blue what I was reading last week and I couldn't help but mention this book.  Instantly, both my parents were embarresed, no doubt their minds had wandered down the wrong path.  This is not a dirty book and is so named because of the city in which it takes place.  And tangle, I am sure, refers to the mess the heroine creates for herself and those around her.  It is a fun read though not a quick one.  The male lead is really quite out of the ordinary.

If you find you like Pride and Predjudice, or something from the same time period give this authors books a peruse.  You might just find a new favorite.

Fool for Book Giveaway Hop: Wrap Up

Wow, I had no idea that many people were ready to read this book.  I am way excited for all of you and wish I could give each of you a copy.  Better luck next time.

The winner is:


I have sent an email.  Please get back to me within 48 hours if still interested with your address.  Otherwise, I will pick a new winner.

Friday, April 1

Fool for Book Giveaway Hop: Stop 99

Welcome to the Fool for Books Giveaway Hop hosted by Kathy at I Am A Reader, Not A Writer and The Bookish Snob!

I'm giving away a signed paperback copy of Eyes Like Stars (Théâtre Illuminata #1) by Lisa Mantchev. US only!  One winner will be chosen randomly just after April 2 using

I loved this book!  I fell in love with the cover and the small blurb.  After giving up on seeing it at my library I picked it up.  I am no fan of Shakespeare.  His writing really took work to understand.  Somehow the combination of fun characters and unique settings really made this book a treasure.  If you don't win I recommend picking this book up.