Monday, April 4

Repairing Lease

Do you ever find yourself in need of a book repairing lease?

This is a state I seem to wander through a few times a year.  As a matter of fact I find myself currently firmly settled in such a state.  During these times I only want to read those books I have deemed classics.  I may find myself in this state for a variety of reasons.  Restore my faith in blissfully happily ever after books, or perhaps I am feeling nostalgic.

Lately, my wanderings have led me back to one of my favorite authors.  Georgette Heyer has written a number of books I tend to read over and over again.  I wouldn't call any of her books the best thing I have ever read, but even so there is just something to them that can calm my mind no matter where I find myself.  None, of these books are considered YA but they are all very clean romances.

So, I found myself reading Bath Tangle.  The funny part is my Dad asked out of the blue what I was reading last week and I couldn't help but mention this book.  Instantly, both my parents were embarresed, no doubt their minds had wandered down the wrong path.  This is not a dirty book and is so named because of the city in which it takes place.  And tangle, I am sure, refers to the mess the heroine creates for herself and those around her.  It is a fun read though not a quick one.  The male lead is really quite out of the ordinary.

If you find you like Pride and Predjudice, or something from the same time period give this authors books a peruse.  You might just find a new favorite.