Saturday, April 9

Die For Me: Book Review

by Amy Plum

Publication Date: May 10th

Main Players: Kate and Vincent
Place: Paris, France

This was such a fun read.  I felt a connection with Kate early on since she describes herself as an escapist at heart.  She keeps her reading among the classics but still understands the pull of books.  The interactions between the characters were fun and a bit unpredictable at first.  I really liked several of the side characters and felt they added greatly to the story.  Once the big reveal occurs I was a bit worried the book was going to turn sour.  It reminded me a bit too much of Rampant, which I did not like.  Lucky, for me, it managed to persevere through the immense information download and keep the story going.  I did at times find it a bit annoying that she would complain about not knowing Vincent then turn around and ask questions that never sated that curiosity.  All in all, I am a sucker for hopeless romantic situations and really felt Vincent was endearing.  You will just have to read it and find out if you agree.