Tuesday, April 12

Hereafter: Book Review

by Tara Hudson
Publication Date: June 7th

Main Players: Amelia Ashley and Joshua Mayhew
Place: Oklahoma

As I began this book I really felt a deja vu that reminded strongly of A Certain Slant of Light.  This was a bit disconcerting since I disliked the books so much I couldn't finish it.  However, given a bit of time the book takes on its own life.  I quickly grew to love Joshua.  He is just such a doll and completely and utterly impossible.  Could a person like him really exist in such circumstances as these?  Well, it was done so well that I fervently believed in it.  Although, sometimes I felt he should have shown a bit more backbone when it came to threats against Amelia.  This might be more a my projection of other things I would liked added to his character.  All in it was a really sweet story, that even being sad it leaves you with a sense of hope for the future.  But even with that hope there exists a more prevalent knowledge that even if the future works out bad right now is all that matters.  Such a sweet message, cherish what you have now.