Friday, April 22

Bumped: Book Review

by Megan McCafferty

Publication Date: April 26th

Main Players: Melody Mayflower, Harmony, and Zen
Place: Otherside

Being pregnant at the same time as reading this book it really brought what the girls were doing more into life.  I also couldn't help feeling that the way they viewed pregnancy was hurtful.  My view is that it is a very special experience that is profound and sacred.  This book made it feel cheap and almost dirty.  I did think all the odd words or "slang" used was rather imaginative.  Jondoe absolutely cracked me up inside.  Is that really how women like to be wooed?  Yeah, I know he just needed in her pants but still.  This is really not my kind of book, but the characters and the ending sort of saved the book for me.  By my recommendation this is a chancy book, I don't know who would most definitely love this.

Spoiler Section:
Alright, is it mean of me to completely disbelieve Jondoe?  I mean it seems he is willing to do anything to get what he wants done.  Who is to say he wouldn't be acting this whole thing out.  Of course he is giving Melody a lot of stuff to ruin him over.  I guess I will just have to pick up the sequel to find out. Or wait for someone else to spill it in their future spoilers.