Wednesday, April 20

Timeless: Book Review

by Alexandra Monir

Main Players: Michele Windsor and Philip Walker
Location: New York

Yuck!  This book was really going along great.  It seems when it comes to time one should just altogether avoid the whole idea.  At least if you haven't liked it in the past.  I really liked the characters and though the whole time travel thing made such a mess, it was interesting.  I liked how she found so many people to help without any real plans on her part.  I also find it funny that no matter what she did she really didn't change a single thing.
Yes, I understand that a hundred impossible years seperate these two but as the book progresses it just seems like time has some sort of sick agenda.  Hey, lets see how many hearts I can break.  Basically, the book is just far too realistic at its end for me to feel a triumphant escape.  No thank you.

Spoiler Section:
After setting up this timeless love that is soul binding, please tell me the author isn't going to go and let her fall in love with some ancestor.  So what if he looks a bit like the guy, it isn't.  Well, unless we find by some miracle it is and he just acts really different at first.  Unless, I hear some sort of raving reviews about the sequel, not interested.