Wednesday, April 27

Secrets and Shadows: Book Review

by Shannon Delany

Main Players: Jessica Gilmansen and Pietr Rusakova
Place: Junction

Loved, loved, loved this book.  It completely haunted my sleep.  My mind would rather stay focused on the characters than sleep.  I am most anxious to find out what happens after that intense cliff hanger.  August can't come soon enough.
I really liked the depth of the characters as well as the story.  At times Jessie seems a bit overly dense but I think that is more because we as a reader are not in her stressed position and can more easily see the signs coming from Pietr.  I felt that this book held a few surprises for the characters especially those we thought we knew so well.  There was also a good message about the importance of being upfront with those we love.  Secrets really do build walls that block and eventually can destroy good relationships.  
Anyway, I most definitely recommend this book to everyone.  There was only one small tidbit I wasn't much pleased with.  I am not a big fan of grounding a book in reality by using references to things contained in reality.  I guess I like to think each new book is in some alternate fictional reality.  So the part where she references Twilight, by Stephenie Meyer wasn't my favorite but it wasn't horrible either.