Thursday, May 19

Where She Went: Book Review

by Gayle Forman

Main Characters: Adam Wilde and Mia Hall
Place: New York City

This was just outstanding.  I loved that it was in Adam's voice.  There are so few male voice books out there, especially that work.  I loved the first book and this one didn't drop the ball.  This is a very emotional journey that explores healing and the wounds we create trying to get better.  It was so beautiful that they had this opportunity for closure.  Almost, as if some other force was helping hold everything at bay to give them the time.  
As far as drawbacks, there was a lot of swearing and things sometimes got crude. The characters are so very endearing and easy to identify with.  I love that they both walk away from the "black hole" with a sure knowledge of what really matters in life. A very realistic book that still leaves you with a feeling of hope you can take away and hold for your own life.

Wednesday, May 18

Wrapped: Book Review

by Jennifer Bradbury

Main Players: Agnes Wilkins and Caedmon Stowe
Place: England

I felt potential, but it wasn't fulfilled.  It was a small diverting read but nothing spectacular. What I found most vexing about the entire story was the ending.  Not only was it weak romantically but it was just to absurd to believe.  She is some puffed up seventeen year old not some mastermind.  As if she could go from her debut to as one of many silly girls to being sought out by the government.  I also thought the unveiling of the villain was just to blah.  Basically, many of the happenings in this book remind me of the silly types of dreams Catherine from Northanger Abbey had.  They were all the romantic dreams of her head and not at all sensible.  This book is enjoyable if you can easily believe that superman could be totally hidden by a pair of glasses and the absence of a curl in his hair.

Tuesday, May 17

The False Princess: Book Review

by Eilis O'Neal

Main Players: Sinda Azaway, Nalia Thorvaldor, Kiernan Dulchessy, and Orianne Harandron

Moment Divine: "Why not? He watches you, Sinda. Like you're his best treasure, only he can't think of a way to slip you into his pocket."

This was a really cute little book.  I had so recently read something along these lines that I was a bit concerned it would be a bit droll.  I really liked each of the characters and felt they held their own valuable place in the story.  My absolute favorite was Kiernan.  He was just so full of personality and brought so much to the story.  It wasn't the most original story but kept me up until early in the morning.  I really liked the role reversals and the way in the end even though tragedy struck it all worked out for the best.  Definitely worth picking up for a good read.

Friday, May 13

Black Heart: Book Review

by Justin Somper

This was yet another disappointment.  The series started out with such an intriguing idea and was a great read.  It seems that while next to no time is passing over the different books neither is much happening.  Sometimes I tend to forget the young age of the characters when immersed into the sequels but as romances started to color the pages I couldn't help but remember the twins are only fourteen.  Basically, it felt a bit wrong and in one case a definitely cradle robbing.  I think it is time to let this series drop from my reading list.

Tuesday, May 10

Spellbound: Book Review

by Cara Lynn Shultz

Main Players: Emma Connors and Brendan Salinger
Place: New York

This is first and foremost a romance.  Okay that said as the first few chapters unfolded I was feeling some sort of deja vu with Hex Hall.  This is nothing like that book and barely can say it concerns witches.  There was some sort of fairy tale reincarnation stuff happening as well.  So slight were the influences of these elements it felt like nothing more than an extremely hormonally charged romance.  At that the guy wasn't even likable.  Sure, he is the hottest thing to walk the planet, and yeah he knows it.  On top of that he is uber wealthy and smart so not at all humble.  There was a point at which the relationship hit a bit of a snag and I was hoping it would turn into a break so some real character development would happen.  No such luck.
After the crisis has been averted and the book is wrapping up I thought it a bit funny that one of the characters states it can't be that easy to overcome our obstacles.  The other character then sums up what they had to go through.  It reminds me of how often when I read a book and they have such incredible build up leading to the crisis, I often feel let down by how quick or simple it seemed.  I felt like the author was trying to avoid the reader feeling this way by reminding them how much she wrote into the big terrible moment. Plus honestly, if you could really live that moment you wouldn't be thinking it was a let down.
Overall, it wasn't too bad but not great either.

Monday, May 9

The Iron Thorn: Book Review

by Caitlin Kittredge

Main Players: Aoife Grayson, Calvin, and Dean
Place: Lovecraft and Arkham, Massachusetts

My favorite part about this book was the big secret that Aoife was doing everything to keep to herself.  Great peril seemed only moments away from taking all that she had a hope of if only her secret got out.  Then in the reveal moment it almost fizzles as not the biggest thing to hit the fan.  On top of that you find out very few pages later that what she thinks was her big secret isn't.  Talk about a let down.  You have been so worked up over something that isn't what it seems.  I thought it a nice parallel to the secrets we each hold from those around us.
So, apart from that big secret the book wasn't too awe inspiring.  From the title I had this idea of what the book would involve and found myself in an almost completely different world.  I thought this was another Fae book, which it was only more toward the end.  More so I thought this book a dystopian where iron and machines have taken a very interesting hold upon the world.
The characters weren't all I felt they should be, especially since I am not too inclined to find out what happens to them.  That may be in large part that each character is holding back so much pertinent information about themselves.  And each of their reveals doesn't happen until very late in the book.  On top of that the reveals are a bit startling and take a bit to get accustomed to.  Perhaps, in the sequel the characters will become more endearing or real.

Thursday, May 5

The Night of the Solstice: Book Review

by L.J. Smith

Main Players: Alys, Charles, Janie, and Claudia
Place: Wildwood

This is a case where one good book by an author does not reflect perfectly the state of other books by the same author.  

The story wasn't terribly bad but not what I have come to expect from this author.  It was so much closer to a Chronicles of Narnia spin off.  All in all, the story was a bit lame and the characters a bit too predictable and weak.  If this sort of story is among your favorites you might find this a tolerable read otherwise pass it up.

Wednesday, May 4

Waiting on Wednesday: Trial by Fire

Trial by Fire
by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Publication Date: June 14th

From Goodreads

Bryn is now leader of the Cedar Ridge pack of werewolves and she's convinced that her pack is different - it's democratic and fair. Then Bryn finds a battered teenage Were, Connor, bleeding on her front porch. He begs Bryn to protect him from an abusive leader; Bryn takes him into her pack.

But Bryn's Were partner Chase doesn't trust the new boy, and the more time she spends helping Connor, the more aggressive Chase becomes. Bryn is not sure if it's jealousy, or Were possessiveness but for the first time she starts to feel suffocated by the bond she and Chase share.

Filled with action, unlikely allies, and deadly conspiracies, Trial by Fire will change Bryn forever. She is soon to realise that to lead a pack of werewolves, she must give in to her animal instincts and become a little less human. And as hard as it's going to be, Bryn is going to have to do it alone.

There can only be one alpha.
I think I have the strongest addiction to the werewolf based books. There aren't too many that I despise or think lowly about. I suppose that could be I have been lucky in my choices. I really liked the uniqueness of a regular girl getting mixed up in this whole world. I am most anxious to see how this works out.  Good thing June isn't too far away.

Tuesday, May 3

Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side: Book Review

by Beth Fantaskey

Main Players: Antanasia Dragomir(Jessica Packwood) and Lucius Vladescu
Place: Romania

This book wasn't quite what I was expecting.  I was thinking humorous.  Also, to start I really hated Lucius.  I am glad the author went through such pains to open up his story and soften some of his edges to make him palatable.  The book was full of intense moments and bad timing.  I most liked being able to read the letters he sent back to his Uncle.  Although, after having met his Uncle I am quite surprised by a vast majority of what he wrote.  I suppose it was his upbringing and then freedom that explains it.  As much as I adore the idea of two souls being meant for each other I didn't like how this came across so physical early in the book.  Overall, it wasn't a bad read but had I known a bit more about it before picking it up I might have not bothered.

Monday, May 2

Invincible: Book Review

by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Main Player: Nick Gautier
Place: New Orleans
Moment Divine: {Grim made a sound of extreme frustration. "Fine. Let's begin with something even you can't screw up.

"Way to build up my crappy confidence there. You should volunteer for the suicide hotline."

"What makes you think I don't?"

Nick screwed his face up. "Ah man, that's wrong on so many levels."

"Je suis ce que je suis."

Nick took a step back. Last night had taught him to be wary of any foreign words. "Is that a spell?"

Grim shook his head. "It's French, Nick. Means 'I am what I am.' Sheez, kid. Get educated. Read a book. I promise you it's not painful."}

I absolutely love characters that have the whole sarcastic thing down to an art.  As such I ask myself do I love this book more for Nick or the story.  There is just no way for me to separate them.  Nick is just hilarious in his thoughts and words to those around him.  I love how he can remain so sweet and protective and then be so snarky.  Truly a lively character.  I wish he were a few years older but otherwise it works out well.  The storyline is somehow surprising even though it uses the old fantasy characters.  The author expertly mixes culture fantasy horror and comedy in one book.  If for nothing else read this book for Nick alone but if you like Jace from The Mortal Instruments series you must pick this book up.

Spoiler Section:
So who is the one that will betray Nick?  The fact that they are talking about their agent being in place right after Nekoda gives him the bracelet sure seems to imply.  Not to mention everyone in the book keeps talking about how they gave their heart to the wrong woman.  And there is that little part about his gut telling him not to trust her.  Makes you wonder just a bit if it is misdirection or foretelling of what is to come.