Monday, May 9

The Iron Thorn: Book Review

by Caitlin Kittredge

Main Players: Aoife Grayson, Calvin, and Dean
Place: Lovecraft and Arkham, Massachusetts

My favorite part about this book was the big secret that Aoife was doing everything to keep to herself.  Great peril seemed only moments away from taking all that she had a hope of if only her secret got out.  Then in the reveal moment it almost fizzles as not the biggest thing to hit the fan.  On top of that you find out very few pages later that what she thinks was her big secret isn't.  Talk about a let down.  You have been so worked up over something that isn't what it seems.  I thought it a nice parallel to the secrets we each hold from those around us.
So, apart from that big secret the book wasn't too awe inspiring.  From the title I had this idea of what the book would involve and found myself in an almost completely different world.  I thought this was another Fae book, which it was only more toward the end.  More so I thought this book a dystopian where iron and machines have taken a very interesting hold upon the world.
The characters weren't all I felt they should be, especially since I am not too inclined to find out what happens to them.  That may be in large part that each character is holding back so much pertinent information about themselves.  And each of their reveals doesn't happen until very late in the book.  On top of that the reveals are a bit startling and take a bit to get accustomed to.  Perhaps, in the sequel the characters will become more endearing or real.