Thursday, May 19

Where She Went: Book Review

by Gayle Forman

Main Characters: Adam Wilde and Mia Hall
Place: New York City

This was just outstanding.  I loved that it was in Adam's voice.  There are so few male voice books out there, especially that work.  I loved the first book and this one didn't drop the ball.  This is a very emotional journey that explores healing and the wounds we create trying to get better.  It was so beautiful that they had this opportunity for closure.  Almost, as if some other force was helping hold everything at bay to give them the time.  
As far as drawbacks, there was a lot of swearing and things sometimes got crude. The characters are so very endearing and easy to identify with.  I love that they both walk away from the "black hole" with a sure knowledge of what really matters in life. A very realistic book that still leaves you with a feeling of hope you can take away and hold for your own life.