Tuesday, May 17

The False Princess: Book Review

by Eilis O'Neal

Main Players: Sinda Azaway, Nalia Thorvaldor, Kiernan Dulchessy, and Orianne Harandron

Moment Divine: "Why not? He watches you, Sinda. Like you're his best treasure, only he can't think of a way to slip you into his pocket."

This was a really cute little book.  I had so recently read something along these lines that I was a bit concerned it would be a bit droll.  I really liked each of the characters and felt they held their own valuable place in the story.  My absolute favorite was Kiernan.  He was just so full of personality and brought so much to the story.  It wasn't the most original story but kept me up until early in the morning.  I really liked the role reversals and the way in the end even though tragedy struck it all worked out for the best.  Definitely worth picking up for a good read.