Wednesday, May 18

Wrapped: Book Review

by Jennifer Bradbury

Main Players: Agnes Wilkins and Caedmon Stowe
Place: England

I felt potential, but it wasn't fulfilled.  It was a small diverting read but nothing spectacular. What I found most vexing about the entire story was the ending.  Not only was it weak romantically but it was just to absurd to believe.  She is some puffed up seventeen year old not some mastermind.  As if she could go from her debut to as one of many silly girls to being sought out by the government.  I also thought the unveiling of the villain was just to blah.  Basically, many of the happenings in this book remind me of the silly types of dreams Catherine from Northanger Abbey had.  They were all the romantic dreams of her head and not at all sensible.  This book is enjoyable if you can easily believe that superman could be totally hidden by a pair of glasses and the absence of a curl in his hair.