Monday, May 2

Invincible: Book Review

by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Main Player: Nick Gautier
Place: New Orleans
Moment Divine: {Grim made a sound of extreme frustration. "Fine. Let's begin with something even you can't screw up.

"Way to build up my crappy confidence there. You should volunteer for the suicide hotline."

"What makes you think I don't?"

Nick screwed his face up. "Ah man, that's wrong on so many levels."

"Je suis ce que je suis."

Nick took a step back. Last night had taught him to be wary of any foreign words. "Is that a spell?"

Grim shook his head. "It's French, Nick. Means 'I am what I am.' Sheez, kid. Get educated. Read a book. I promise you it's not painful."}

I absolutely love characters that have the whole sarcastic thing down to an art.  As such I ask myself do I love this book more for Nick or the story.  There is just no way for me to separate them.  Nick is just hilarious in his thoughts and words to those around him.  I love how he can remain so sweet and protective and then be so snarky.  Truly a lively character.  I wish he were a few years older but otherwise it works out well.  The storyline is somehow surprising even though it uses the old fantasy characters.  The author expertly mixes culture fantasy horror and comedy in one book.  If for nothing else read this book for Nick alone but if you like Jace from The Mortal Instruments series you must pick this book up.

Spoiler Section:
So who is the one that will betray Nick?  The fact that they are talking about their agent being in place right after Nekoda gives him the bracelet sure seems to imply.  Not to mention everyone in the book keeps talking about how they gave their heart to the wrong woman.  And there is that little part about his gut telling him not to trust her.  Makes you wonder just a bit if it is misdirection or foretelling of what is to come.