Wednesday, February 9

Mid-Week Meet n' Greet: The Very First

So, I find myself smack in the center of the week and wishing it were the weekend.  To liven up my mood I thought a meet and greet was in order.  This here shindig is for book bloggers and readers to converse and such.

To open up I welcome you all real friendly like.

I brought Jacinda (Jace) Jones, from Firelight, with me and for a snack we brought gemstones.

Snack, you say, well of course what sort of get together would it be without some grub.

What is that?  You don't eat the gemstones, silly.  To get the most from the gemstones you should hold one in your hand.  Can you feel it?  Isn't that so invigorating and nourishing?  You can just feel life pouring into your body and bursting out all of your pores.

You are starting to get a funny look in your eye and I can see that Jace is spewing steam from her nostrils.  Why don't you put that gemstone back into its lock box.  Come on now, we can't go upsetting guests here, put it back all gentle like.

Alright now that we have sampled the snacks, lets get this party on the road.

May I suggest you consider the following as a topic of discussion:

Do you believe you can judge a book by its first chapter?

Jacinda says she would rather hang out with Will than bother judging a book by its first chapter.  Now let me remind you Jace, you don't have the luxury of that option right now and will just have to patiently wait.

I can't rightly say I know the answer to that there question.  This is something I have decided to investigate further; and as a beginning start to my research I am asking you.  I do know that I once sat down with ten library books and decided that I would read all the first chapters.  Based upon which one felt the most exciting is the order in which they were read.  From that small experiment, I can tell you that it wasn't too far off.  But then, lately I haven't been able to say this is much of a success.  Sometimes even a super first chapter can turn into a complete letdown of a book.  I wonder if maybe I just need more practice at trying to judge a first chapter or if it is a lost cause.

Why not weigh in your opinion in the comment section or make a post about it and link it up so we can follow along.  (Jace promises she won't turn you into crispy fried barbecue.)