Tuesday, February 1

Talk to Me Tuesday: 2/1

This week's question: What is your favorite genre to read, and why?

What a loaded question if ever I heard one, as if I am not far too complex of a human being.  I regularly contradict myself, and am rather unreliable in those things I like over time.

The true answer would have to be I like whatever genre the awesome book I am reading comes from.  While I have not sampled all genres, by any means, I have not stayed faithful to any either.  For the most part I dally in YA since I feel safe wandering those shelves.  Before I started into Goodreads or book blogging I often felt a bit self conscience when at the library.  Here I am crusing the YA shelves as well lets just say not a youth physically.  Now that I know I am not alone I don't worry about it anymore.

Wait did I get off topic. . .sorry.  Okay, so I went through the whole vampire phase and many others.  It seems the one true thing I am always anxious to find in all of my reads is a little light romance.  Well, that and of course, a good involving book that makes the material world fade away.

How about you what is your favorite genre?