Friday, October 14

100 Reviews: Contest and Giveaway

So I have reached 100 reviews on my blog, which I find a big deal.  For those of you who have been paying attention I have lately been taking polls about giveaways.  I was going to do something rather elaborate but I am rather energy drained and needing some rejuvenation.
Yep, I am finally giving this one away.  So what do you have to do?  Wa, ha, ha.  Well, lets see. . .


Must be a follower
US only

This contest is comment related.  Lets just say I need some uplifting and or laughs.  So here are your question options (you must answer one and then fill out the form with your email):

Can you recommend a book I haven't read that is so fabulously amazing that I wouldn't notice being in labor, its that good?  (How do I know it might actually be possible)

Or . . .

A really funny dumb (yet not disgusting or crude) moment you have recently had.  (For example: my dear spouse lately asked a very pregnant woman if her nose had always been bulbous or if it had just developed while being pregnant.  He had this idea that your nose becoming bulbous during pregnancy is a sign your baby will be a boy.) (Doesn't have to be pregnancy related could just be a funny joke.)

Or . . .

Halloween being my favorite you can share a fun tradition.

All comments get one point but if you actually succeed in a great recommendation or making me laugh you get extra points.  So if you comment on both questions that is two points.  The amount of extra points will depend on the awesomeness of the comment.

Please don't leave your email in the comment.  I should be able to connect the dots between the email form and your comment without any problems.  This should protect your emails.

Please, feel free to spread the word about the contest.  It will be ending at my discretion but most likely the end of October.  I will email the winner who has 48 hours to contact me with their address information.

Don't forget to comment!