Friday, October 14

100 Reviews: Contest and Giveaway

So I have reached 100 reviews on my blog, which I find a big deal.  For those of you who have been paying attention I have lately been taking polls about giveaways.  I was going to do something rather elaborate but I am rather energy drained and needing some rejuvenation.
Yep, I am finally giving this one away.  So what do you have to do?  Wa, ha, ha.  Well, lets see. . .


Must be a follower
US only

This contest is comment related.  Lets just say I need some uplifting and or laughs.  So here are your question options (you must answer one and then fill out the form with your email):

Can you recommend a book I haven't read that is so fabulously amazing that I wouldn't notice being in labor, its that good?  (How do I know it might actually be possible)

Or . . .

A really funny dumb (yet not disgusting or crude) moment you have recently had.  (For example: my dear spouse lately asked a very pregnant woman if her nose had always been bulbous or if it had just developed while being pregnant.  He had this idea that your nose becoming bulbous during pregnancy is a sign your baby will be a boy.) (Doesn't have to be pregnancy related could just be a funny joke.)

Or . . .

Halloween being my favorite you can share a fun tradition.

All comments get one point but if you actually succeed in a great recommendation or making me laugh you get extra points.  So if you comment on both questions that is two points.  The amount of extra points will depend on the awesomeness of the comment.

Please don't leave your email in the comment.  I should be able to connect the dots between the email form and your comment without any problems.  This should protect your emails.

Please, feel free to spread the word about the contest.  It will be ending at my discretion but most likely the end of October.  I will email the winner who has 48 hours to contact me with their address information.

Don't forget to comment!


  1. I recently had to take my daughter to her one yr check up... my 5 yr old son told the doctor: hey doc this is my sister sophia she used to be in my mommy's belly when my mom was really fat! I have a picture from when she was in there. She came out of my mama's belly and now shes bigger and likes to steal my toys. LOL

    Melissa @ just one opinion

    mel91284 at yahoo dot com

  2. Mary DeBorde [M.A.D.]
    zenrei57 (at) hotmail dot com

    Here you go, hope this makes things much brighter for you :D

    First, I recommend the book Funny Farm by Jay Cronley. I laughed so hard I cried, no really!!! The movie was only so-so, but the book is the epitome of hysterical. I PROMISE you :D

    Second, when I got pregnant, I was soooo looking forward to my *ahem* bust size improving. I kept waiting, and waiting. AND waiting. Nada. Zip. NO buxomy improvement for this gal. Boy, was I disappointed hahaha ;P I could've worn a BARBIE nursing bra for all the difference it made!

  3. Mary DeBorde [M.A.D.]

    OH, and I just thought of this. Try to learn a little self-hypnosis to calm & relax your body. Lamaze is great, etc but you'd truly be amazed how much self-hypnosis can help your focus! Plus it's kinda kewl :D

  4. On Halloween we always take part in a neighborhood Trunk or Treat at the local park and then go to a friends house for chili and breadsticks.

  5. on halloween, i try to walk on cracks and catch black cats... doesnt always work on the cat one... lol

  6. Hmm My fav read so far this whole year was Unearthly by Cynthia Hand so If you don't have that one you should go check it out!

    I instantly love anything that has a shout out or mention of Harry potter can you say obssesed fan girl!

    PS one of the reasons I fell in love with Unearthly!

  7. First of all a good book for rec is Villains Victorious - the only people I know who have read it are people I rec it to. It is all short stories. Why it would be great for pregnancy - you could probably finish one story inbetween your pee breaks. Because essentially at this point thats all you're really doing right? (oo I was trying to make a funny there did it work?)

    Oh yes - plus its an awesome book full of where the bad guy has his day in the sun. So I loved it.

    Halloween tradition? Gosh I don't really know of any good ones - I try to actually MAKE something creepy each year - don't always succeed in it being more creepy than cute though.
    Pabkins @ Mission to Read

  8. A good recommendation? Hmmm . . definitely Blood Red Road. My favorite book! It brought a lot of emotions on; it distracted me from life itself! The pages went by fast and so did time.

    Halloween Tradition? Well, me and my family usually have make-shift costumes. You might think it saves money, it actually costs more money than a regular costume! Last year, I went as a Make-Shift Vampire. I had on a shirt that said 'Got Blood?' and a sweater that said 'I Love Vampires'. I didn't even have fangs to go along with the costume. You should of seen the reactions I received because of it(:

  9. Going through your goodreads list, I don't think I recomend anything, particularly anything that will make you forget labor. Yikes. I guess if had to chose a more recent read that I thought was good I would go with The Name of the Star by Maureen Johnson.

    Something to make you laugh? Not really funny to me, but in the same vein of pregnancy, a couple of years ago, I had 3 people in one week make a comment on my pregnancy. The only problem was that I was in no way pregnant. Way to make me feel bad.

    Finally a halloween tradition. Well it is my absolute favorite holiday, so we just finished decorating. I guess the only tradition I have is the argument I get into with my husband every year. I want to be the "full size" house, and he makes me get the minis. We haven't had the "discussion" yet this year, but I feel it. This year is my year!

  10. Recommendation: This is tough because I went to look at the books you have received and it seems the ones I first thought of you didn't like. -.- Delirium by Lauren Oliver, Divergent by Veronica Roth or Perception by Heather Cashman. I also second Unearthly by Cynthia Hand! Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins was a really good one I've read recently.

    Make you laugh... Definitely go watch this: I laughed soooo hard! :)

    Halloween Tradition: Well, I don't actually really have any other than taking my daughter trick or treating and then passing out candy to the kids. I honestly didn't celebrate it much growing up unfortunately and I've lived out of the US so much of my life that I didn't ever have it around, so nothing really stuck. I actually love the holiday though and I'm in the US now and am excited to celebrate this year!

    Thank you for the giveaway. I've been wanting to read this book!

  11. Crap, scratch Delirium and Divergent - looked through your reviews again and saw you did read them. I'm doing this at 2 am. Sorry! -.-

  12. I just read Without Tess by Marcella Pixley. I thought it was amazing so I'm pretty much recommending it to everyone, including strangers on the street.

  13. Slightly funny, recent moment- Last night we went to see Paranormal Activity 3 with my best friend and her boyfriend. Half way through the movie, I noticed that my best friend was completely slouched over, holding onto her boyfriend for dear life. I then look over to my boyfriend to see that he's inching closer and closer to me until he's basically sitting on top of me. Lol! I guess he doesn't do well with scary movies.

    Halloween tradition- Every October I like to curl up with my cats and dog and watch scary and/or goofy Halloween movies. My mom and I carve pumpkins, I eat the candy that we're supposed to hand out for Trick-or-Treat, and I usually dress up and go to a party. Last year was my first year going to a haunted house, but I have a feeling it'll start being an every-year thing.

  14. A book that i loved that you would like if your the fantasy type is True Grime By: Natasha Deen. I'm not sure if it's out in store yet i got a pdf for a contest so it's probably not but i totally reccomend it when its out

  15. Hm.... A book I would totally recommend is Touch of Frost by Jennifer Estep. It's an amazing mystery and fantasy with a strong protagonist and a total cliff hanger ending.

    I am not sure if this is funny, here I go. In my P.E. class, my P.E. teacher revealed that one of the oldest teachers in the school was an Eastern weaponry master and motorcyclist, so my friend decided to tell all of our friends dramatically. In the cafeteria, she kept on yelling out that he was a hard core motorcyclist and yada yada. I thought it would be funny if he happened to be around and heard her. Just her luck, the teacher was right in the closet behind her. All of us (friends) interrupted her and pointed him out. It was so awkward and funny, especially when he walked to the table asking if we were talking about him and we were denying it as we were laughing our heads off. But I guess this is not funny unless you were there.

  16. Triangles by Ellen Hopkins is a good book that I definitely recommend.

  17. Glow by Amy Kathleen Ryan or
    Hourglass by Myra McEntire

    were both awesome reads

  18. Ok, I looked & this one was not on your reviews page, but if you're like me it is very possible you have already read this!

    Beautiful Disaster by Jamie MaGuire This is ebook only & only 4.99. An author recommended it to me & was pretty wary bc its self-published & not yet out in print. But, it was cheap, so I thought what the heck! And, I am not exaggerating at ALL!!! This book is the equivalent to whatever book crack would be!!! I've made everyone I know that likes to read, read this book & they all were just as addicted as me! One of my friends read it 6 times in a row!!!! If you read it please let me know what you think! I'm on twitter at YASisterhood or you can comment somewhere on our blog I'll see it:

    Funny story: We're at one of those bouncy places & I was at the front talking to the owner. All of the sudden my 4 year old son runs around the corner completely naked!!! He had been having a grande old time just jumping and sliding bare-bottomed on all the bouncy houses! He was in the phase where they want to strip down completely to go to the bathroom, and he just neglected putting his clothes back on. From that moment on, I kept a better eye on my stripping little boy!

  19. I definitely recommend Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma and Madame Tussaud by Michelle Moran.

  20. I'd recommend The Riddles of Epsilon by Christine Morton-Shaw. IT's one of my favorite creepy underrated novels!