Thursday, October 6

Being Nikki: Book Review

by Meg Cabot

The premise of this book is the traditional switching of places. Here, however, the author has taken a rather unconventional approach to that switch. What if it wasn't look alikes switching places but a brain transfer? A medical and scientific switch no magic involved. Would there be conflict between the body and the brain? I have always been led to believe sayings such as 'Mind over matter' and the brain controls it all. Without the brain the rest is useless parts. So as the story continues the character finds herself in control or should we say being controlled by this body and the life it had. I can understand the life of the body being a huge controlling factor. It wouldn't be easy to break with those ties. But at the same time the habits the brain has established would soon make the changes naturally occur. In many ways, I think this is exactly what we see happen. She can't help but respond in a way natural to her thinking and this causes waves that soon become unstopable forces in her life. Unfortunately, I wasn't aware that this was a trilogy and not a duet. So I was a bit thrown off when the book ended and we were left with quite the cliff hanger. Just when it seems like things will work out we meet with some serious opposition. And not just any but some from what we precieved to be a harmless corner. How long before she says enough is enough and stands up for herself? This is something I always wonder, at what point do the threats go too far or become too much? When do you attempt to either call their bluff or say who cares about the consequences. I would rather take them then be controlled anymore. Because, that is what it comes down to, they won't ever let you go. So when do you take back what is yours?