Tuesday, October 11

Star Crossed: Book Review

by Elizabeth C. Bunce

This book is really packed with action.  From the very start we are thrown into a very dangerous situation that makes little sense.  Of course, with the passage of time we learn more about how that moment came about and it becomes clear.  Our main character is a very likeable girl who finds herself in all sorts of nasty situations.  I do love that she always manages to find great people to help her out and believe good things about her.  Later in the book when the big unveil happens over her brother it was not life changing so much as everything made more sense.  The only thing I wish had been in the book is a bit of romance.  But perhaps, it isn't too late to hope.  Maybe the next book will contain that element.  All in all, it was a great read and hard to put down.  You really need to read it to understand the constant danger and situations.