Monday, October 10

Quiet on the Blog Front

I should be going into labor any day now and might not be getting as much reading or blogging done until I have adjusted to the new little tyke.  So don't run away while I am out, be patient.  I will return, eventually.  Thanks!

Until then, I hope you enjoy this totally awesome month since Halloween is the best holiday.  There is very little about the celebration I don't like.  I get to dress up and pretend.  There is candy galore.  The children are so cute.  I love the decorations and silly games.  But the reason I like it the most is because I get together with my family for a big Halloween party with such fun food.  There is nothing like spending some time with family.  For those of you who enjoy this holiday as well, do you care to share why or perhaps some great tradition you hold.  I love to hear of traditions since sometimes you can find some real keepers to add to your own repertoire.