Tuesday, November 1

Illusions: Book Review

by Aprilynne Pike

What a let down.  I thought this was going to be the last book but it seems to be shaping up into a never ending cycle.  Yuck!  It doesn't seem to matter how many books come out I really don't like the characters all that much.  I am feeling much as I did when it came to Bella from Twilight.  The girl in this book is just bugging me.  I think it would only be fair if she lost all of the boys.  What an annoying girl.  You can't be so indecisive and expect to still get everything you want.  I did think this book was also really heavy on foreshadowing important things.  I felt like I knew exactly how they would find out the season of the new girl long before the book got moving.  Which also meant I knew what season they were dealing with.  I think I was so detached though by the end of the book that their extreme reactions didn't make sense.  Why the big deal?
As for reading future books I am beginning to think I should just imagine an end that would please me.  That way there is no potential for future let down.