Tuesday, November 15

The Pledge: Book Review

by Kimberly Derting

Publication Date: November 15th

What happens when someone gets complete power without any foreseeable end?  Well, that is what happens in this story.  The queen has a way of living forever and bit by bit has grown rather paranoid and cruel.  Her subjects are in quite a bind but several don't mind while others are ready for a new queen.  The search is on but will they find her before the queen.  When they do find her will she be what they are looking for?
My biggest qualm with the book was the romantic interest.  Things get heated or committed rather fast.  The two have only met once and they are a bit more lost to each other than I would think possible.  Not only that but it seemed the author was trying to say that there was some cosmic reason as to why they felt this way about each other.  Well, I must have missed what is was exactly.  I don't think the royal blood is the real reason.  The "special" power was definitely a ticking time bomb.  Take any teenager and tell them not to do something but don't really explain why.  Eventually, they are going to mess up.  Why would they take it seriously?  That just doesn't seem to be part of most teenage brain chemistry.  It was interesting how she was so afraid of Max and his goons but it seemed completely unfounded.  Sure, they are big and strong and can rip your head off but they sure don't do much to warrant the fear she felt.  I kept thinking they were actually going to eat someone and was a bit disappointed that they weren't doing any such thing.
The ending was interesting.  I wonder how she will deal with her companion.  Will old age be her undoing or has she really won?