Thursday, November 3

Every Other Day: Book Review

by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
Publication: December 27th 2011

This book was a bit of a surprise for me.  By the end of the first chapter I was sincerely wishing I hadn't volunteered to read and review this book.  Kali was such a crappy character.  She had no feelings no friends no loving family.  There was just nothing to hold onto except some action.  That reminds me far too much of recent movies I have seen.  No character development just action and it falls flat the second you are out of the fancy action shot.  Amazingly, in this case you most certainly can't judge the book by the first chapter.  As more characters get introduced and developed the story really is rather good.  My biggest complaint come the end of the book is the so called romantic interest.  If these people feel nothing how does that really work out.  Not only that but it seems that there is no actual choice involved.  They are "interested" in each other because another creature compels them to be.  That just seems rather sad and pathetic.  So I can't really hope for that to work out.  Why would I want her with some heartless controlling turd.  No thanks.  Well maybe more development will occur in future books and it will be a different story.  I also think the evil character might be certifiably off her rocker.  The logic behind her being the evil incarnate was a bit odd.  Anyway, this book is definitely worth a read.  I have enjoyed the other books I have read by this author as well.