Thursday, November 24

So Silver Bright: Book Review

by Lisa Mantchev

Can you imagine if all your words had the power to become reality?  Or should I say some rather messed up version of reality.  It seems that Beatrice can imagine anything into being.  Yep, that is right absolutely anything.  Time and time again in this book she pulls the most random and impossible things out of her brain.  To top that off she is dragging two rather odd men along for the ride.
I really don't like Beatrice.  Whiny, trouble making, life destroying are all good descriptions for her.  I wasn't at all surprised to find she was more often than not the cause of trouble for all involved in the story.  She messed up her own parents lives as well as her two romantic interests.  Speaking of romantic interests.  I really was never fond of Ariel but the ending was just lame.  Can you bow out one in a triangle and bring about the victor with any less decision on the part of the heroine.  Pathetic.  She never actually decides but then I suppose it is much like that in real life.  Just because you feel yourself absolutely in love with some movie star doesn't mean they are in for the long haul with you.
The fairies were some of the better parts of the dialog since they could be counted on for some comedic relief.  Other than that my favorite line was right at the end "Now yer stuck wi' me forever, an' perhaps even a bit longer than that." "'Beyond all date, even t' eternity.'"  And part of that was from Shakespeare so go figure.
My opinion on the series is read the first but forget the others.