Thursday, November 10

Nightshade: Book Review

by Maryrose Wood

Oh my goodness!
Wow, the four stars is rather against my will, perhaps I have been poisoned too.  The ending just doesn't add up to a four star as far as happy goes.  The rest of the book just demands the rating.
Not for the faint heart as this is a very dark book.  The characters are just stellar.  The near misses they keep having just heartbreaking.  How could one soul suffer so much and still find some will to continue on.  I kept thinking of all the darkest possibilities for their futures.  But still the author would surprise me and find something even more horrible than I imagined.  In such a world as this is there any point?  Somehow, no matter what they choose they will fail.  Once again the evil guy messes with everyone.  I want to pour hydrochloric acid on every inch of that poison garden.  Then I want to burn it with the use of kerosene, till the ground six feet under, and finally soak the ground in round-up.  I do not like when the bad guy comes off conqueror.  Someone needs to put a stop to the torment.  Even so, the book was a fabulous read.  Hate the ending but you can't despise the book.  Give this book a try and you will definitely have an opinion.

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