Tuesday, November 8

The Gray Wolf Throne: Review

by Cinda Williams Chima

This book was a bit of a let down for me.  I had really been looking forward to it for some time.  By the time I was able to not only get my hands on a copy and read it the ending of the book frustrated me to no end.  I was seriously miffed.  This seems to stem mostly from my inner delusion that this was the last book.  So under that idea the way it ended was just disappointing.  There are so many things that haven't been taken care of yet.  Since, I am a huge fan of romance that was one area I felt that some serious stuff still needed to happen.  I guess the good news is that other than my dislike of having to wait longer this was a great book.  The characters were really awesome as usual and there was so much conflict the pages seemed to fly by.  Is there a soul out there who isn't routing for Han?  He is such a great character from his strengths to his weaknesses.  I most definitely recommend reading this series and will be impatiently waiting for the next book.