Friday, November 18

Spoofs: Twilight

Ha ha.  Ever since the whole movie thing happened to this series I have been rather distant with it.  I mean the movies have just spoiled all the fun.  But, I decided to pull up these two posts and was glad I did.  So I thought I would share them with you.

Courtesy of Pure Imagination:

Courtesy of Reading Teen:

And here is another one I came across at How It Should Have Ended.



  1. LOL. I needed a laugh. :) I used to take this fandom so seriously, but now I just can't. You just gotta laugh.

  2. Perfect!!! Team *Jedward* lol
    Thanks for the laughs :D

  3. I love the stalkers are creepy sign! so true.

  4. I love the Harry Potter and Star Trek commentary. I'm a huge fan of about of them and so glad I'm normal now thanks to Twilight. lol.