Saturday, November 5

100 Reviews Giveaway: Winner

Alright so before I run off again lets close up the giveaway.

And the winner of A Need so Beautiful is. . .

AmyG -

Ok, I looked & this one was not on your reviews page, but if you're like me it is very possible you have already read this!

Beautiful Disaster by Jamie MaGuire This is ebook only & only 4.99. An author recommended it to me & was pretty wary bc its self-published & not yet out in print. But, it was cheap, so I thought what the heck! And, I am not exaggerating at ALL!!! This book is the equivalent to whatever book crack would be!!! I've made everyone I know that likes to read, read this book & they all were just as addicted as me! One of my friends read it 6 times in a row!!!! If you read it please let me know what you think! I'm on twitter at YASisterhood or you can comment somewhere on our blog I'll see it:

Funny story: We're at one of those bouncy places & I was at the front talking to the owner. All of the sudden my 4 year old son runs around the corner completely naked!!! He had been having a grande old time just jumping and sliding bare-bottomed on all the bouncy houses! He was in the phase where they want to strip down completely to go to the bathroom, and he just neglected putting his clothes back on. From that moment on, I kept a better eye on my stripping little boy!

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